We Are the Culture.

Resiliency. Vitality. Impact. People. And a culture of accountability for all.

Are you focusing on the right things to build intentional leaders and a healthy organization?

What kind of “contagious” culture are you creating now?


Your intentions, energy, and presence guide your actions and impact. Your focus today builds your leadership, culture, and results tomorrow. Here are 7 questions you want to be asking right now: 1) How clear are we about the impact we want to have, the culture we want to create, and who we want to become in today’s business and leadership environment? 2) How are we tending to the well-being of ourselves, our people, and our organization? 3) How are we leading, and designing for our culture now, so that people feel seen, safe, and inspired and want to stay with (or join) our workforce? 4) How do we know if our attention is on the right things and what IS our criteria for what we give our attention and energy to? 5) How are we setting our workforce up for success as we move into this next stage of the world? 6) How are we ensuring that we are of best service to our customers and users now (and that we have the energy and stamina to keep going)? And, 7) Are we having any fun?


Is the culture you are creating one that people want to stay with (or join)? Or are your people (and maybe even you) setting up your exit plan?


Below are areas I’m available to speak on to support you and your audience as you navigate these kinds of questions (and others) and build your leadership, culture, and workforce for optimal impact in 2021 and beyond.

Areas of expertise:

  • IEP Method® (Intentional Energetic Presence®)
  • Leadership and Creating Intentional Impact
  • Individual and Collaborative Resiliency + Burnout Prevention/Navigation
  • Cultural & Organizational Health (Triage or Optimization)
  • Change Management and Conflict Navigation
  • Building Trust, Accountability, and Authentic Collaboration
  • Personal Power, Presence, and Congruency

Formal Speaker Sheets, with Anese’s most popular talks (that can all be done virtually or in-person and have books to pair with them) can be found at the bottom of this page.

Anese Cavanaugh captivated a group of managers and line level employees at my company with her talk about the infectious nature of energy in an organization. She’s any company’s secret weapon for achieving profound, permanent results from the inside out…

Chip Conley

Founder, Joie de Vivre Hotels+

Anese is an utter delight. Amazing storyteller. Impactful philosophy. Charismatic and engaging. Absolutely incredible. Walked away feeling inspired and empowered. The way she explained her information was in such an engaging, easy-to-understand way. Loved this session. The energy and mindset were incredible. The room burst out into the loudest applause I’ve heard so far. The poem was fantastic. I can’t wait to read her books.

Audience Comments

Contagious You Session, 2019, HubSpot INBOUND Conference

My favorite speaker of any session I’ve ever sat in!!! She was excellent! Very relevant, useful and engaging information shared. Her knowledge translates to any industry and I plan to learn more from her. She represented everything she spoke about. Every one of the 45 minutes was valuable!!! Amazing speaker, even more amazing message. Love sessions like this! I can’t say enough good things about her!! Please bring her back. Without a doubt my favorite session at this year’s event!

Audience Comments

INBOUND Session (4x Speaker), HubSpot INBOUND Conference

Anese is also one of the most dynamic speakers I’ve seen (and I’ve seen quite a few). Her energy is contagious, authentic, practical and absolutely inspirational. Every time I see her speak to packed houses, I walk away with a renewed energy to show up and do good in this world!

Rob Dube

President, imageOne

Anese took the stage at the Small Giants Summit in 2018 and delivered a powerful & impactful presentation on IEP and intentional leadership. Her style, way of connecting with the audience and content is exceptional. It was one of the highest rated sessions of the summit!

Hamsa Daher

Executive Director, Small Giants Community

Your ability to connect with the crowd and relate the topic at hand to our real lives put you at the top of the list for favorite session in participant feedback. People were literally going into sessions afterwards using your acronyms. Thank you for your time, energy, and commitment to this work.

Event Executive Team

Parent Leadership Conference, Youth Guidance Organization

Current Keynotes, Talks, & Sessions:

The following seven experiences can be done as an experiential keynote (50-90 minutes), an experiential interactive talk (60-120 minutes), or a 3-hour to full-day(+) training session or immersion. In some cases we can do a shorter, more organic  “fireside” chat to discuss in a way that suits your team, culture, and event. The depth of content will depend upon the format. Each talk is customized to your organization and needs that we will sort for through an Entry Point Questionnaire (EPQ) as well as an initial collaboration call to determine which points will be most important to lean into. Every talk has optional books, tools, frameworks, and resources participants can walk away with to support their learning and keep the work alive long after the engagement (many of these extras are included in the speaking fee). We’ll co-design what is best for your needs when we meet. If you want to get started now, please fill out this Virtual Event EPQ or this Live Event EPQ and we’ll make it so.

The IEP Method® Talk: Showing Up for Leadership, Your Presence IS Your Impact

Your success and influence as a leader depend upon your ability to relate to others, to create impact with your clients, your team, and in the marketplace, and in being an inspiring authentic human to be with. It’s the quality of your presence that ultimately determines your ability to succeed—your presence is your impact, and for good or bad, you are contagious.

In this talk, Anese shares the power of using intention, service, and self-care as leadership skills, how to use the IEP Method® and your Intentional Energetic Presence® (IEP) to create impact, and provides frameworks for up-leveling your leadership presence and (positive) contagiousness. In a world of change and ambiguity, where we have all been impacted by the pandemic, how we show up is more important than ever now.

In this session, participants will:

  1. Learn the IEP Method and apply it immediately in their life and leadership
  2. Understand the power of Intentions, Energy, and Presence and how they are operating in everything we do (either optimizing or injuring our leadership)
  3. Understand that our presence IS our impact (virtual or IRL) and how it is affecting our trust, credibility, well-being, and results in every moment
  4. Learn how to reboot their energy and presence in the moment to serve any room or situation
  5. Learn how to build a strong energetic presence and foundation every day to support their impact, well-being, and relationships
  6. Learn the 5 Steps to Intentional Impact and how to use them in projects, conversations, sales, health care, team and relationship dynamics, and even that conversation with their in-laws or child
  7. Have an immediate experience of the content, walking away with downloadable tools and resources to support their ongoing integration.

We Are the Culture: Creating a Positively Contagious Culture from the Inside Out

Our world has changed. How we create culture now needs more intention, care, and presence than ever before. With remote work, new workplace challenges, greater distractions, stress, ambiguity, and more opportunities and responsibilities than ever before, this moment in time demands leadership and a workplace culture that is intentional, collaborative, productive, inclusive, healthy, safe, and (positively) contagious.

In this talk, Anese discusses creating a positively contagious culture (starting with ourselves first), shares the collaborative impact of IEP, and offers powerful transformative tools and frameworks for improving collaborations, opening communications, implementing changes, pre-navigating challenges, building trust, and setting your culture up for success.

In this session, participants will:

  1. Understand the meaning of “contagiousness” from a cultural and relational perspective today, how it relates to burnout and resiliency, and how our Intentions, Energy, and Presence are creating impact and trust (or a lack of trust) and vitality (or a lack of vitality) in everything we do (either optimizing or injuring our leadership and culture)
  2. Understand their role in creating culture and that a “contagious culture” is simply a bunch of contagious humans working together
  3. Understand that in culture creation our presence IS our impact (virtual or IRL) effecting the collaborative energetic field of the organization and is either helping us do better together, or worse, at all times.
  4. Learn the IEP Leadership Trifecta and the Super 7 of Cultural Health PLUS the 3 elements we must tend to now even more intentionally with the pandemic being a new part of our shared lives
  5. Learn the IEP Method® and the 5 Steps to Intentional Impact and apply it all to creating the culture they want to create.


Sheep Happens: Craft Your Experience, Remake Your Results (A Leadersheep Talk)

Does life happen to you or for you? Does your organization struggle with change, or does it embrace it, knowing change means growth (when used intentionally)? Do the people you lead follow you because they want to or have to? When life and leadership get rough, do you retort, react, and resist, OR do you respond, regroup, and reset? Every experience is an opportunity to up-level your leadership and impact—the choice is yours.

In “Sheep Happens,” Anese talks about the big baaa’d “SheepAcolypse of 2017,” contagious leadership, and the 5 things you must know, do, and be when “Sheep Happens” (or a pandemic occurs). This talk focuses on YOU as leader and turning the grueling into growth.

In this session, participants will:

  1. Learn the IEP Method, how to reboot, and how to proactively build a strong energetic presence and foundation before they even need it
  2. And… learn the IEP Resiliency Model (and where they’re at and what they need) for when it’s too late and they do need it!
  3. Understand the concept of energetic hygiene and energetic equity and how the two relate to building resilient, nourishing vitality AND creating impact on others all at the same time
  4. Choose 3 (very real) ways they’ll build their energetic equity starting immediately after (and even during) the session
  5. Identify their “sheep” and the energetic and relational “leaks” that are quietly building and may turn into their own “sheepacolypse”
  6. Learn how to honor the pain, give full permission for emotional authenticity, reframe and learn from any situation, find the gifts, and ultimately use the “bad” for good in their leadership (without “toxic positivity” or “spiritual bi-passing”)
  7. Have an immediate experience of the content, walking away with downloadable tools and resources to support their ongoing integration.

BOUNCING Burnout: Building Resiliency & Vitality in a Very Bumpy World

Usually, we hit a hard bump, get through it, recover, build our resiliency a bit more, bounce “back,” and then move forward stronger. The magic often happens in the recovery time. However, our current “moment” in time is anything but “usual,” providing little resting ground for reboots, recovery, and breath. While we have little control of external events, we can cultivate our resiliency, build our vitality, and intentionally move forward together.

This session addresses individual and collaborative resiliency, leadership nourishment, the mindset and honoring of the “real” required to get through challenging times, preventing and navigating burnout, and creating a sustainable authentic path forward together no matter how bumpy the ride.

In this session, participants will:

  1. Learn the IEP Method® to up-level their intentions, energy, presence, and ability to “hold their space” and create intentional impact
  2. Learn the IEP Resiliency Model, assess where they’re at in the “resiliency journey,” their level of resiliency, their need for a reboot, and what they need NOW
  3. Learn The 7 Ps of Personal Burnout and identify their most susceptible
  4. Learn tips and examples of how to communicate with their team and organization to prioritize the essential, determine what can wait (or be released), explore their definition of (and possibly new measurements and criteria for) success, and define commitments, expectations, and agreements with their team/people to support greater individual and collaborative resiliency.
  5. Put it all together to BOUNCE burnout in their own authentic way, with a tool to create their plan to move forward and use as a guide as they lead themselves and their teams into the next…

Creating Intentional Impact: 5 Steps to Impact in Any Situation

Creating impact IS leadership. The question is, how positive is that impact? Does it contribute to things going better or worse? Does it get you the results you want to have and leave you feeling the way you want to feel? And is it intentional or by chance because you’re so busy or overwhelmed or actually just don’t know (yet) that you have big say here?

In this session we dig in deep into the power of intention, creating impact, what’s required to do so, what the core elements of a solid intention are, how to make an intention real, and even what to do when it doesn’t go your way. This is a hands-on session for anyone responsible for sales, leadership, people, relationships, getting things done, making others feel seen and cared for, and wanting to be successful. Is that you?

In this session, participants will:

  1. Learn the 5 Steps to Creating Intentional Impact (from the IEP Method®) and how to use the IEP Sheet to support their meetings, conversations, projects, cause, or culture
  2. Learn how our presence IS our impact in any conversation (and what to do about that)
  3. Learn how to set an intention, what an intention truly is, and the 5 components of making an intention powerful (and the 7 tricks to make it stick)
  4. Experience examples of the 5 steps in their industry (sales, health care, project management, design, tech, leadership, feedback, hiring or firing, creating a healthy culture, or even asking for a divorce!)
  5. Leave with a solid map for creating impact wherever they go. They will never think about presence and impact the same way again…


The Leader You Will Be: 7 Promises to Optimize Your Leadership + Culture

Showing Up is at the heart of effective leadership—and a powerful life—but what does it mean to truly Show Up, and how do you build this skill into a core competency for yourself and your team? How do you become The Leader You Will Be when life is full and complex?

In this talk, Anese defines leadership in a way that shifts our understanding of who we are and what we may truly be capable of, she gives us 7 promises that will change our games, and shows us that our best leadership is likely closer than we think. Our greatest influence and credibility as a leader are often just an invitation (and promise) away. This talk is powerfully paired with Anese’s poem, The Leader You Will Be: An Invitation (ACI, 2018).*

In this session, participants will:

  1. Experience The Leader You Will Be poem/spoken word live with Anese
  2. Learn the 7 promises that optimize leadership and culture, and see where they’re at with each
  3. Identify the 3 things that feel the most important to them now to show up as the leader they wish to be
  4. Explore/consider how these things maybe impacting their life, leadership, and culture
  5. Choose their becoming and leave the session inspired, thoughtful, and more present.

*This leadership storybook, written by Anese, with some of the most core elements of showing up, brings a “light, playful, and also powerful” tone to the beautiful and often daunting adventure of leadership. This can be performed as a stand-alone (10 minutes), or as part of a larger keynote with a deeper message to honor your audience.

#ProjectImpeccable: Building Trust, Congruency, & Accountability for Impact

Showing Up is at the heart of effective leadership—and an effective life—but what does it mean to truly Show Up, and how do you build this skill into a core competency for yourself & your company? How do you become The Leader You Will Be when life is complex?

In this experiential presentation, Anese defines impeccability in a way that shifts your understanding of who you are and what you are truly capable of. Walk away with actionable tools, frameworks, and mindsets to integrate this powerful leadership tool into your daily being, and maximize your influence & credibility as a leader in your own company and with your clients.

In this session, participants will:

  1. Learn what “impeccability” actually means when used as a partner and ally, and how they are in full control of it
  2. Learn the power of congruency, self-trust, personal accountability, and showing up for ourselves and how this impacts (and is a tremendous gift to) others
  3. Learn the core areas of impeccability and the low-hanging fruits to create alignment and congruency where it may be weak
  4. Learn how to identify when they are out of alignment; how does it feel, how do they know, what signals do they get (that they may be missing)?
  5. Learn how to become immovable in their values system and congruency (and if they’re new to values, learn what that even means!)
  6. Identify leaks in their own “impeccability” that may be being reflected back in their leadership
  7. Learn how to become their own best friend and advocate and ultimately the force they want to be.

For speaking engagements, immersions, and team sessions in 2021-2022, please contact us:

I work with some of the world’s top thought leaders, founders, and visionary executives. In every case, Intentional Energetic Presence is key to their remarkable impact. Anese’s ability to catalyze change is a unique superpower: I’ve seen her teachings transform rooms within minutes, and her presence in my life has profoundly influenced it for the better.

Alison Macondray

Advisor to thought leaders & professional speakers, Alimat, Inc.

Anese Cavanaugh’s presentation to Henry Ford Health System not only resonated, inspired, and energized our people, the application of what we experienced made an immediate impact (and is still continuing to ripple a month after). For me, I used it by 10a the next day, TWICE! I took it home with me. I saw an immediate effect on how I showed up with people, and how that influenced how they showed up with me. I am not the only one; I now attend meetings where other attendees are bringing what they learned. The application of Anese’s work and the impact of her presence continues to grow and is absolutely contagious. Anese is contagious. She is funny, clever, present, and brings a level of care and authenticity to the stage that invites people to embrace this work in ways that are real for them, creating immediate impact and their own kind of contagiousness. We’re still buzzing. Thank you Anese for sharing your brilliance with Henry Ford Health System!”
Patricia Seagram

Vice President, Human Resources North Market, Henry Ford Health System

We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves, but that’s much easier said than done. Anese’s workshop helped us accomplish more self-change in four hours than most of us are able to do in four years! We host a lot of workshops for our students here at University of Michigan, but this one might be the best yet.

Jeff Sorensen

Co-founder of optiMize and Director for Social Innovation, University of Michigan, College of LSA

I have attended Anese Cavanaugh workshops and speaking engagements for several years now. I think of Anese as one of the greatest gifts to my life and my business. She is not just amazing but almost magical in the way she teaches you a different way to look at and use your energy and your presence and how powerful and transforming that can be. The Women’s Council of REALTORS has had her as a speaker for several of our events. Our membership absolutely loved her, and she held the attention of the room for 90 minutes. They were all spellbound and the evaluations were beyond excellent. I have heard from so many members that she changed their life. If you are looking for a speaker to change your culture to a more positive way to think, act and respond, Anese is the only one I know of with this superpower. Anese is real, she walks the talk… intentional, engaging, authentic, and pure magic.

Cheryl Keller

Executive Committee, Women’s Council of REALTORS National

We were fortunate to have Anese as our keynote speaker for our annual WIRexec conference in SF. The content was essential for leadership today, especially as women in leadership out to create a great impact in their lives and organizations. Her talk brought us back to ourselves in recognizing our presence as impact in today’s world, the necessity of self-care in showing up, and the gift of refocusing ourselves on ourselves in order to create that impact. I’d highly recommend Anese for any keynote where you want inspiration and application in the moment that follows people home and sticks. Months after our conference, people are still talking about her message. She brings a level of authenticity and inspiration to this conversation that is a gift in today’s “richly scheduled” world.

Kristen Luck

Advisory, Growth Strategy, & Investment Banking

…I’ve worked with her 1:1, I’ve been in her sessions, and I’ve been in her audiences when she’s keynoted and rocked the room – and in every engagement, I’ve walked away inspired, more present, and with tangible things to put into play immediately.

Marisa Smith

Certified EOS Implementer & Entrepreneur, 87Plus

  • California State Chapter of the Women’s Council of Realtors
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Digital Mastermind
  • Education Equals Partnership
  • Emerging Women
  • Freeman Corporation
  • Hubspot InBound
  • The Sam Bernstein Law Firm
  • Ensign Services
  • Sacramento Sheriff’s Department
  • The Culture Conference
  • Jazz Pharmaceuticals
  • Vistaprint
  • ACSA
  • 15Five
  • CISC Leadership Symposium
  • Women in Research Execs (WIRe)
  • University of Michigan Business
  • KP San Diego
  • ICF
  • IDEO
  • ISAE
  • Inc Women’s Summit
  • Inflection
  • Joie de Vivre
  • Logitech
  • McDonald’s Employee Development Conference
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • CDC
  • Vivayic
  • Brandman University
  • Symposia SF
  • CORE Leadership
  • OptiMize
  • University of Michigan
  • Tustin Unified School District
  • INBOUND (4x speaker!)
  • BNY Mellon
  • USC Marshall
  • PCAR
  • Red Mountain Retreat
  • Henry Ford Health System
  • Small Giants Organization
  • Stanford D-School
  • State of Wisconsin
  • Tru University at Stanford Business School
  • YGO Parent Leadership Conference
  • Sound Community Services
  • Zingerman’s Community of Businesses
  • SAI Iowa
  • Reflektive
  • Government Sector
  • Healthcare Private Practice
  • Domaine Carneros
  • Multiple Education Conferences
  • GM Financial
  • BiRite Market / COB
  • Convene

Live at the the Inc.’s Women’s Conference

Inbound 2016

The IEP Journey

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