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Anese is most at home when leading workshops, private or executive retreats, presenting as a keynote speaker, or helping companies craft their culture in internal experiential sessions. IEP is all about how you show up (for yourself and others), how you lead and create impact, and how you unlock and optimize your most authentic leadership self. There is no better way to see that than to see Anese at a live event… and there is no better way to feel it, than to experience it yourself.

Areas of expertise:

  • Intentional Energetic Presence®: Using the IEP Method® for teams, individuals, and organizations
  • Optimizing (authentic) leadership, influence, and impact
  • Navigating (and transforming) change, chaos, burnout, and overwhelm
  • Cultivating a positively contagious leadership presence and culture
  • Creating safe space for real conversations, productive collaboration, and exquisite self-care

Current Keynotes & Talks (60-90 Min):

Sessions can be customized to fit the needs of your audience and theme. These experiential talks are generally given in 60 or 90-minute formats—depending on how experiential you want it to be, how much content you want Anese to cover, and your time budget. Every talk has optional books, tools, frameworks, and resources participants can walk away with and use immediately.

Contagious You: Elevating Your Very Contagious Leadership Presence

Your success and influence as a leader depends upon your ability to relate to others, to create impact with your clients, your team, and in the marketplace, and in being an inspiring authentic human to be with. It’s the quality of your presence that ultimately determines your ability to succeed—your presence is your impact, and for good or bad, you are contagious.

In this talk, Anese shares the power of using intention, service, and self-care as magic, how to use the IEP Method® and your Intentional Energetic Presence® (IEP) to create impact, and provides frameworks for up-leveling your leadership presence and (positive) contagiousness.

Contagious Culture: Intend, Lead, and Create a Positively Contagious Culture

With more competition, more virtual connectedness and distractions, and more opportunities and responsibilities than ever before, this moment in time and leadership demands a workplace culture that is collaborative, productive, energized, inclusive, healthy, and (positively) contagious. And it requires a leader that can cultivate that kind of culture… YOU are this leader.  YOU are the culture. YOU set the tone.

In this talk, Anese discusses creating a positively contagious culture (starting with you first), shares the collaborative magic of IEP, and offers powerful transformative tools and frameworks for improving collaborations, opening communications, implementing changes, pre-navigating challenges, and setting you and your culture up for success.

Sheep Happens: Crafting Your Experience to Make Your Results, A LeaderSheep Talk

Does life happen to you or for you? Does your organization struggle with change, or does it embrace it, knowing change means growth (when used intentionally)? Do the people you lead follow you because they want to or have to? When life and leadership gets rough, do you retort, react, and resist, OR do you respond, relax, and relish? Every experience is an opportunity to up-level your leadership and impact—the choice is yours.

In “Sheep Happens,” Anese talks about the big baaa’d “SheepAcolypse of 2017,” contagious leadership, and the 5 things you must know, do, and be when “Sheep Happens”.  (Note: No animals were injured creating this talk, however, they did become better leaders.)

The Leader You Will Be: 7 Promises You Must Make to Optimize Your Leadership & Culture

Showing Up is at the heart of effective leadership—and a powerful life—but what does it mean to truly Show Up, and how do you build this skill into a core competency for yourself and your team? How do you become The Leader You Will Be when life is full and complex?

In this talk, Anese defines leadership in a way that shifts our understanding of who we are and what we may truly be capable of, she gives us 7 promises that will change our games, and shows us that our best leadership is likely closer than we think. Our greatest influence and credibility as a leader are often just an invitation (and promise) away.

Talk Enhancements: Impact Accelerators & Immersion Experiences for Teams (1-2 Days)

  • IEP Impact Accelerator Day: Build the Presence, Leadership, and “Collaborative Container” of Your Team. 
  • IEP Live! Leadership & Influence Intensive: The IEP Method® Core Training for Teams

These can be done as an add-on to a special keynote, as a stand-alone for your organization or team, or as a custom private 1:1 engagement. If you are interested, please request an Overview and Entry Point Questionnaire.

For speaking engagements, retreats, team workshops, and more in 2019 and 2020, contact us:

We were fortunate to have Anese as our keynote speaker for our annual WIRexec conference in SF. The content was essential for leadership today, especially as women in leadership out to create a great impact in their lives and organizations. Her talk brought us back to ourselves in recognizing our presence as impact in today’s world, the necessity of self-care in showing up, and the gift of refocusing ourselves on ourselves in order to create that impact. I’d highly recommend Anese for any keynote where you want inspiration and application in the moment that follows people home and sticks. Months after our conference, people are still talking about her message. She brings a level of authenticity and inspiration to this conversation that is a gift in today’s “richly scheduled” world.

Kristen Luck

Advisory, Growth Strategy, & Investment Banking

Anese Cavanaugh captivated a group of managers and line level employees at my company with her talk about the infectious nature of energy in an organization. She’s any company’s secret weapon for achieving profound, permanent results from the inside out…

Chip Conley

Founder, Joie de Vivre Hotels+

Anese Cavanaugh’s presentation to Henry Ford Health System not only resonated, inspired, and energized our people, the application of what we experienced made an immediate impact (and is still continuing to ripple a month after). For me, I used it by 10a the next day, TWICE! I took it home with me. I saw an immediate effect on how I showed up with people, and how that influenced how they showed up with me. I am not the only one; I now attend meetings where other attendees are bringing what they learned. The application of Anese’s work and the impact of her presence continues to grow and is absolutely contagious. Anese is contagious. She is funny, clever, present, and brings a level of care and authenticity to the stage that invites people to embrace this work in ways that are real for them, creating immediate impact and their own kind of contagiousness. We’re still buzzing. Thank you Anese for sharing your brilliance with Henry Ford Health System!”
Patricia Seagram

Vice President, Human Resources North Market, Henry Ford Health System

Anese took the stage at the Small Giants Summit in 2018 and delivered a powerful & impactful presentation on IEP and intentional leadership. Her style, way of connecting with the audience and content is exceptional. It was one of the highest rated sessions of the summit!

Hamsa Daher

Executive Director, Small Giants Community

I have attended Anese Cavanaugh workshops and speaking engagements for several years now. I think of Anese as one of the greatest gifts to my life and my business.  She is not just amazing but almost magical in the way she teaches you a different way to look at and use your energy and your presence and how powerful and transforming that can be. The Women’s Council of REALTORS has had her as a speaker for several of our events. Our membership absolutely loved her, and she held the attention of the room for 90 minutes.  They were all spellbound and the evaluations were beyond excellent.  I have heard from so many members that she changed their life. If you are looking for a speaker to change your culture to a more positive way to think, act and respond, Anese is the only one I know of with this superpower.  Anese is real, she walks the talk… intentional, engaging, authentic, and pure magic.

Cheryl Keller

Executive Committee, Women’s Council of REALTORS National

Anese is also one of the most dynamic speakers I’ve seen (and I’ve seen quite a few). Her energy is contagious, authentic, practical and absolutely inspirational. Every time I see her speak to packed houses, I walk away with a renewed energy to show up and do good in this world!

Rob Dube

President, imageOne

I work with some of the world’s top thought leaders, founders, and visionary executives. In every case, Intentional Energetic Presence is key to their remarkable impact. Anese’s ability to catalyze change is a unique superpower: I’ve seen her teachings transform rooms within minutes, and her presence in my life has profoundly influenced it for the better.

Alison Macondray

Advisor to thought leaders & professional speakers, Alimat, Inc.

…I’ve worked with her 1:1, I’ve been in her sessions, and I’ve been in her audiences when she’s keynoted and rocked the room – and in every engagement, I’ve walked away inspired, more present, and with tangible things to put into play immediately.

Marisa Smith

Certified EOS Implementer & Entrepreneur, 87Plus

  • California State Chapter of the Women’s Council of Realtors
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Digital Mastermind
  • Education Equals Partnership
  • Emerging Women
  • Freeman Corporation
  • Hubspot InBound
  • The Sam Bernstein Law Firm
  • Ensign Services
  • Sacramento Sheriff’s Department
  • The Culture Conference
  • Jazz Pharmaceuticals
  • Vistaprint
  • ACSA
  • 15Five
  • CISC Leadership Symposium
  • Women in Research Execs (WIRe)
  • ICF
  • IDEO
  • ISAE
  • Inc Women’s Summit
  • Inflection
  • Joie de Vivre
  • Logitech
  • McDonald’s Employee Development Conference
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • CDC
  • Vivayic
  • Brandman University
  • Symposia SF
  • CORE Leadership
  • OptiMize
  • University of Michigan
  • Tustin Unified School District
  • PCAR
  • Red Mountain Retreat
  • Small Giants Organization
  • Stanford D-School
  • State of Wisconsin
  • Tru University at Stanford Business School
  • YGO Parent Leadership Conference
  • Sound Community Services
  • Zingerman’s Community of Businesses
  • SAI Iowa
  • Reflektive
  • Government Sector
  • Healthcare Private Practice
  • Domaine Carneros
  • Multiple Education Conferences
  • GM Financial

Small Giants Summit 2018

Live at the the Inc.’s Women’s Conference

Inbound 2016

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