IEP Stewardship

When We Show Up Together, Magic Happens

Integrate IEP into your organization, or with your clients, by becoming an IEP Steward. As an IEP Steward, you’ll guide people to Show Up more fully, collaborate more effectively, and lead. By making IEP part of your culture you’ll enhance presence and communication on an intuitive and collaborative level — supporting your team and organization in having more of the impact you desire in the world.

Level 1: Training (May & Oct 2017)

IEP Stewardship Training includes a robust set of IEP tools and materials, enrollment in IEP Stewardship School, a 1-year license* to use the content in your organization, a 4-day training session, and some follow up to make it all so. Download detailed program information here.

*Your license is renewable on an annual basis and includes continuing education, training, and support to ensure sustainability and quality as you take this work deeper.

IEP-Trained Stewards will:

  • Have a deeper understanding and competency with the content, as well as real time application and tools they can use to optimize IEP immediately
  • Be able to lead discussions and share content from the 3-hour IEP Fundamentals Session within their organization
  • Be able to work with/coach others to integrate the IEP Fundamentals into their business and life, including use of 10 proprietary IEP tools
  • Be able to pay this work forward inside their organization in a meaningful, authentic, and sustainable way.
  • Be able to continue to enhance, strengthen, and deepen their own leadership skills and presence

More Info & Go!

There are two types of Stewardship, “Internal”: you work inside your company and want to pay this work forward in your organization, or “External”:  you work independently in a helping profession ie. as a coach, consultant, therapist, or health care provider, and want to use this work with your clients. Currently we are accepting registrations for Internal Stewards only. If you are interested in External Stewardship, please contact us and we’ll put you on our love list! 

For more information, including details, best practices/requirements, benefits, and pricing for the different types and levels of Stewardship, please download the detailed program info below. (As of 3/3/17 this document is being updated to reflect the recent upgrades to the program. You can still download it now and we will send you updates as we have them. All updates are awesome.)

If you are ready to get started you can enroll in Level 1: Training now.

Our next Training Cohort starts May 9 – 12, 2017!

Learn more! Click for a video overview of Stewardship!