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The IEP Method (Intentional Energetic Presence) is the core methodology used in all of Anese’s influence, leadership, and collaboration programs and talks.
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The Craft Impact Program is the holistic personal leadership development program (which integrates IEP and skills building) used by some of today’s most innovative organizations and business leaders.
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Media Event
Oct 6

Anese speaks with Will from Upgraded Ape radio about using the IEP Method to become aware and take control of your mindset. Listen here!

Media Event
Oct 17

Anese speaks with Chris from Nourish Balance Thrive about Hacking Your Impact and IEP. Listen here!

August 7

Release date August 7th! Learn how to optimize presence, virtually — and in person, as an individual — and as a team, with this simple 2-page guide. You can download your copy by signing up in the upper (or lower) right hand corner of this site! Enjoy!

Oct 22-23

IEP Live! Leadership Summit in Sacramento October 22-23, with a very special “deep dive” on October 24.

Media Event
Aug 22

Anese writes an article for the Huffington Post about ‘Decide.’ Effective decision making comes from deciding energetically from the inside out. A decision is simply the intention and energy behind your word that you’re going to do something that propels, motivates and energizes you to move forward.

Media Event
Aug 20

Anese speaks with Maggie Linton about busy, or as Anese puts it “richly scheduled”, and how it is not going away but how you can manage it. The main anecdote to busyness is presence. Listen here!

Media Event
Aug 7

Anese speaks with Betsy and Renee from Unfinished Business radio about your default face techniques. The easiest thing you can do to create intentional impact is to change your body language. Listen here!

Media Event
June 30

Anese and Andy Drish of the Foundation have a heart-to-heart about energy in the organization, the importance of getting this “right” as a start up, why it doesn’t matter if you’re a $10K/year biz or a $50M/year biz, and all sorts of good stuff.

Media Event
June 30

Anese is featured in 15five’s book The Little Book of Workplace Wisdom which discusses 101 leadership lessons you can actually use in the workplace.

Media Event
June 10

Anese writes for 15Five on Corporate Superpowers. No matter who you are and the culture you’re creating (intentionally or not), learn 4 counter-intuitive ways to tap into your superpowers.