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The IEP Method (Intentional Energetic Presence) is the core methodology used in all of Anese’s influence, leadership, and collaboration programs and talks.
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The Craft Impact Program is the holistic personal leadership development program (which integrates IEP and skills building) used by some of today’s most innovative organizations and business leaders.
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Dec. 15

Check out Anese’s new article on 12 Days of Showing Up: How to Make the Most of the Holidays.  Read here!

Media Event
Dec. 8

Anese’s column “Showing Up” goes live on, check out her first article “Showing Up to Create Results: How Do You?”. Read here!

Media Event
Oct. 20

Anese writes for about The Cost of Presence in Your Organization. She shares the 5-step presence reboot to help get you started. Read here!

Media Event
Oct 17

Anese speaks with Chris from Nourish Balance Thrive about Hacking Your Impact and IEP. Listen here!

Media Event
Oct 6

Anese speaks with Will from Upgraded Ape radio about using the IEP Method to become aware and take control of your mindset. Listen here!

Media Event
Oct. 4

Anese writes for Huffington Post about Curiosity. Curiosity is an “oxytocin-connection-high-energy-truth-telling” serum bomb. It is the thing that bonds people, opens up and heals conflict, builds bridges, has people feel seen and valued, and that leads to greater collaboration and innovation. Read here!

Media Event
Oct. 2

Anese speaks with Inc. about many things that can change and improve your presence and impact. The first video she explains 3 Ways to be Your Most Productive Self. The next video, she explains 3 Life Hacks to Increase Your Presence. The next video she talks about The Most Common Mistakes Women Make in Business. The next video she talks about How to Get Your Opinion Heard and Influence Others. She then goes on to explain The Power of Presence to Improve Your Leadership. She speaks about the 2 Steps to Quickly Finding Your True Mission here. Finally, she speaks about how to Boost Your Energy and Creativity at Work.

Sep. 18

Anese speaks at the Inc. Women’s Summit on How to Embrace Your Impact for Leadership, Collaboration, and Cultural Optimization. Watch here!

Media Event
Sep. 2

Anese writes an article for Huffington Post titled “You Just Never Know — Stay True, Keep Going, Breathe.” Go forward, lead, have your crazy ideas, offer them with love, stay true, don’t be attached, breathe, and keep going. The world needs your heart, your crazy ideas, and your vulnerability. And it needs you to STAY.