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The IEP Method (Intentional Energetic Presence) is the core methodology used in all of Anese’s influence, leadership, and collaboration programs and talks.
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The Craft Impact Program is the holistic personal leadership development program (which integrates IEP and skills building) used by some of today’s most innovative organizations and business leaders.
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May 6-8

IEP Live! Event in Sacramento May 6-7, with a very special “deep dive” on May 8. For all the information you’ll need visit our Engage with IEP page.

Speaking Event
Apr 18

Anese is interviewed by Sean Murphy of Work That Matters, a podcast dedicated to bringing you thought shapers and business makers. In this episode Anese discusses what “Showing Up” means to today’s leaders.

Speaking Event
Apr 16

Anese is interviewed by Mindi Rosser of the 3% Conference about the IEP Method for Female Creatives and this silly thing we call busy and balance, and how to navigate it all … authentically … even when you’re feeling powerless.

Media Event
Apr 11

121 Seconds to Destiny or Doom … How Getting Your Mind Right Will Make Your Meetings Actually Matter. In her latest article for Inc. Small Giants, Anese teaches us how, in 121 seconds or less, you can create meetings that result in an ROI 25x over … per person!

Speaking Event
Feb 14

Anese interviewed by The Bulletproof Executive’s Dave Asprey. In this interview she and Dave discuss presence, gratitude, the power of intention, using crazy words like “energy” in organizations, how not to be a “professional bummer,” and much, much more!