Intentional Energetic Presence

Unlock your company’s best culture & creativity.


Studies have shown that that 93% of our impact is in how we “show up”—only 7% of our impact is in the words we actually say. People respond to who we are and how we show up. Period. With IEP, we get to be the ’cause’ of things, without it, those things get to be the ‘cause’ of us.


IEP is the methodology of my leadership and collaboration programs. It’s used by leading innovators like IDEO, Cooper, Joie De Vivre Hospitality, CitiGroup, and more. It helps people work better together, show up more fully, and create the impact they want—intentionally.


With a few subtle shifts, IEP allows you to completely change your impact on others. It leads to your success in creating influence. In becoming a better leader, you learn to enhance: your clarity of vision, opportunities available to you, how often you win, whether people listen to you, how people believe in you, how clients react to you, and your kids’ behavior.

Anese Walks You Through IEP

Participate in person, online, or anywhere your brain is.


IEP Live: Two Day Event

The best way to experience IEP: in person! Go deep into discovering your authentic self and making your leadership presence your superpower.

IEP Live: One Day Event

A great way to get your feet wet. Experience all of the energy of IEP with this foundational event. A great launchpad into all the other tools.

IEP School

IEP in a pantsuit or pajamas! Upgrade your presence whenever and wherever you are.


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