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It’s here: the book that takes the core of IEP and beautifully bundles it into a resource that will guide you to make an amazing impact at home, at work, or anywhere people need to communicate and collaborate. This is a book for athletes, executives, entrepreneurs, designers, teachers, parents, entertainers, CEOs, founders, and people in support and administrative roles.


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From the creator of the IEP Method®, award-winning speaker, advisor, teacher, and thinking partner to innovative organizations and leaders.



… your leadership. Leadership is often thought of in terms of business, and it’s a pretty handy skill (understatement alert) but it’s also a way to up-level your game in all aspects of your life.

… the teams you work with. You have the power to influence and spread a culture around you. Make it a positive and impactful one … and everyone will be clamoring to collaborate—alliteration aside.

… communication. By elevating communication with your partners, and among the teams, you open the door to all sorts of creative, efficient, and emotional positive impact. This is very powerful … wield carefully!

Learn about:

What it means to be a leader—and make an impact—in a modern environment. In an increasingly complicated and connected world it’s become imperative to steward impactful team members that are also leaders.

Nurturing rich creative environments where people are freely exchanging and are willing to go the extra mile. By fostering methods of positive creative exchange, you set everyone up for their own success, at their own level.

How just “showing up” in a positive way, may be the only shift you need to create a culture that shines together and demands to collaborate.

Marilyn Carlson Nelson
former chairman and CEO, Carlson

In a book well suited to a world hungry for leadership, Cavanaugh shares compelling advice on how to better lead our organizations, our communities, our families and often the most challenging of all -ourselves. What a gift.

Bo Burlingham
Editor-at-large of Inc. Magazine. Author of Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, and Finish Big: How Great Entrepreneurs Exit Their Companies on Top.

In Contagious Culture, Anese Cavanaugh has identified the elusive secret ingredient of great leadership that hundreds, if not thousands, of other books on the topic have missed. She calls it Intentional Energetic Presence (IEP), and it will change the way you run your business.

Chip Conley
JDV Hotels founder. Airbnb Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy. New York Times bestselling author of Emotional Equations

My mission in life has been to create joy and purpose in all of my business endeavors. Anese is any company’s secret weapon for achieving profound, permanent results from the inside out.

Sue Pittacora
Senior Director, Global Consumer and Business Insights, McDonald's Corporation

Contagious Culture will give you the power to gracefully change the tone of any conversation and create a positive energetic environment. You will disarm even your most trying antagonist!

Nick Myers
Director, User Experience Design at Fitbit

Anese is innovating the business world with her methods for fostering cultures, inspiring leaders, and helping businesses thrive and grow. She’s created magical methods to help people be self-aware, lead with intention, and impact those around them.

Ari Weinzweig
Co-Founding Partner & CEO Zingerman’s Community of Businesses. Author of the Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading Book Series.

Learning about energy management from Anese was, without question, one of the best things that’s happened to our organization in ages.

Jenny Misirli
MAED, Director of Enrollment, University of Phoenix

Anese Cavanaugh is a trailblazer in creating new strategies about what it means to be a courageous leader in today’s market. Her fresh ideas are powerful, energizing and address what companies need to do to create healthy and engaged workforces where people thrive.

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