Our intention as a team and organization is to serve you and be as useful as possible by bringing you tools, programs, and content we create for building awareness and self-care, optimizing leadership and self-agency, enhancing presence and integrity, and ultimately increasing positive impact all the way around. No noise. Just honest work. With a blend of offerings from online programs to toolkits to tools and resources, there’s a little something for just about everyone.

01. Virtual Events & Activator Training

  • IEP-W: An IEP Method® Webinar Workshop Series

    Join us for this 4-part Webinar Workshop Series to learn all the parts of the IEP Method, work the IEP Leadership Model (inside and out), create action plans, participate in exercises and practicum (privately), assess the (positive and negative) financial and cultural impact of energy, self-care, and well-being.

  • IEP Fundamentals (IEP-V)

    We’re so excited to bring you this VIRTUAL IEP Fundamentals Session! The core elements of IEP all in an online live virtual format, with Anese and Team, to support you in enhancing your own virtual presence, IEP, self-care, leadership, and impact.

  • IEP-LEAD: An IEP Virtual Leadership Program

    In this virtual event held over 3 days, we work together virtually, with a small group, to dig into the IEP Fundamentals AND core leadership skills and practices essential to leadership, creating healthy dynamics, navigating conflict, and creating a healthy culture. 

  • IEP Executive Impact Session

    This special live group session with Anese is focused on Senior and Executive Leadership and digs into leadership, culture, impact, self-care, organizational health, building trust, creating safety, inviting and holding accountability, and inspiring a positively contagious culture. Coming soon.

  • IEP-Activator Certification – Q1 2021

    Learn how to teach and coach the IEP Method, with your clients and in your organization,  by becoming a Certified IEP-Activator. IEP-Activator Certification is the next step up from the IEP-Activator Toolkit & Program. Our first cohort will be Q1 2021!

02. Online Programs & Hybrids

  • RESET Program

    If you’re leading, in relationships, up to big things, or want to show up as optimally as possible, your presence, leadership, and self-agency are essential assets to nourish. Sometimes they need a “RESET.” Resetting is part of doing our best work, living awake, and becoming who we want to be. (Especially in times of growth, change, and challenge.) Made for a big event, or just for that moment when you know it’s time to…RESET.

  • Project Impeccable

    60 days of IEP in your inbox to get clear, get congruent, and build your relationship with yourself. You’ll get quiet, clarify outcomes, set intentions, create rituals, learn core tools from the IEP Method to support you, and create the internal and external space to make it all so. Powerful.

  • #PP100 / #IEP100

    We’re excited to announce the #IEP100 Program designed to help you create what you want to create and become who you want to become over the next 100 days. This program is a “choose your own adventure” program which means I give you frameworks, guardrails, and tools, and you put them together and design your personal plan as it resonates best for you.

  • The Beat – Weekly Reflection & Accountability Focus Tool

    “Getting in front of” your week, your life, and your leadership is one of the secrets to success in optimizing impact. Sometimes you just need a little boost. Sometimes you need a weekly nudge. This is it. By popular demand, we’ve now made “Anese’s Beats” available for subscription.

  • Virtual Presence + Meeting IEP Toolkit

    With so many working more virtually and on screen now, relying on their online presence to communicate, create intimacy, and build a new kind of virtual culture, there is an opportunity to create connection, safety, and productive work in different ways. Our Intentional Energetic Presence® (IEP) is more important than ever. Introducing The Virtual Presence & Meeting IEP Toolkit.

  • IEP Leadership RESET Bundle

    Sometimes you need something more personal, geared specifically to your situation, and holding space for you and only you. Introducing The IEP Leadership RESET Bundle, a program designed to give you time working with Anese privately, while also having access to structure and frameworks to support you throughout your process of navigating change, strengthening your leadership congruency and presence, and leading others.

  • IEP School: Personal + Self Mastery (L1)(New!)

    YOU are at the core of your leadership. Your relationship with yourself. Your IEP. Your values. Your Essential You. These things are fundamental in leadership. This foundational online program is all about awareness and claiming YOU, YOUR space, and YOUR leadership. Strengthen and deepen your intentions, energy, and presence; lead authentically, and refine and expand your “energetic space” so you can create positive sustainable impact without getting overwhelmed by chaos and the demands of others. This is L1 of IEP School. Welcome!

  • IEP School: Relationship + Team Mastery (L2)(New!)

    The next level of IEP School! Building on your personal and self-mastery (the foundation of YOU — the ESSENTIAL YOU!), we now go into Relationship and Team mastery. This level of IEP School brings you the core modules of Crafting Teams that Lead, Crafting Feedback, and Crafting Alignment – our three most popular modules devoted to up-leveling your relationship and teaming game. This upgraded program has been built on our new training platform and is designed to serve you and your team. We’re delighted to bring it to you now!

  • IEP School: Leadership + Influence Mastery Program (L3)

    IEP School Level 3 is the full IEP School on our new and upgraded training platform! Level 3 includes IEP School L1: Personal + Self-Mastery and IEP School L2: Relationship + Team Mastery with new tools, videos, and resources for all 6 modules, as well as the Big Book of Craft Authentic Impact (which includes 5 additional modules and bonus content)! If you lead people, have difficult conversations, build teams, are on a team, collaborate, give (or receive) feedback, and want to have impact AND feel energized doing so, join us for Level 3!

03. Practitioner & Integration Tools

04. Books, Worksheets & Gear

  • The Leader You Will Be: An Invitation (Soft Cover)

    This short book is an illustrated journey of leadership and becoming, speaking to behaviors, intentions, actions, and “ways of being” witnessed and experienced. Often performed on stage, it’s a reflection of some of Anese’s core work with business leaders, organizations, and human beings around the world over the last twenty years as a leadership advisor and lover of the human spirit.

  • Special Limited Edition Hardcover: The Leader You Will Be

    The special hardcover edition of an illustrated journey of leadership and becoming, speaking to behaviors, intentions, actions, and “ways of being” witnessed and experienced – a unique reflection of some of Anese’s core work with business leaders, organizations, and human beings around the world over the last twenty years as a leadership advisor and lover of the human spirit.

  • IEP Survival Guide

    Portable IEP. A fun and challenging guide to improve your presence no matter where you are. Crafted with love, a fun tool to challenge your brain and bring out the best of you so you can show up and be more effective with others. Each page features a challenge, a thought provoking idea, or a reminder to amplify your energy, presence, and impact—beautifully illustrated.

  • Contagious You

    Anese’s latest book, published November, 2019 by McGraw-Hill is all about YOU. The very CONTAGIOUS YOU. A Contagious Culture (her 2015 book) is simply a bunch of Contagious Yous showing up together. Read this book to find out how — and what to do about it.

  • Contagious Culture

    Anese’s first book, written in 2015 and published by McGraw-Hill, takes you into what it means to build a truly Contagious Culture. You maybe suprised (and also liberated) by THE most important ingredient. Spoiler alert: YOU. Culture starts with you. (This is a GOOD thing.)

  • 32oz Water Bottle with IEP Meter

    Our IEP H2O Meter! Normally only available at live events, we are now making them available to YOU! With a bottle and an IEP H2O guide, they’re one of our very favorite things and ensure optimal water consumption and presence when used accordingly.

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