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Alone, with your team, with your partner, or with your family: engage with IEP, wherever, whenever.

We’re big on providing education and experiences in many ways to meet you where you’re at. Here you’ll access content, tools, and experiences around some of the core ideas and principles of the IEP work and Anese’s philosophy on leadership, performance, culture, and personal self-care and nourishment via webinars. (Note: Any of these webinars can be customized for your team and organization. Just reach out, Anese is always happy to visit virtually!) Enjoy!


IEP-W: An IEP Method® Webinar Workshop Series

Join us for this 4-part Webinar Workshop Series to learn all the parts of the IEP Method, work the IEP Leadership Model (inside and out), create action plans, participate in exercises and practicum (privately), assess the (positive and negative) financial and cultural impact of energy, self-care, and well-being so you can tie this work to your bottom line, and have a tangible action plan as well as new skills to help you have more impact, lead more effectively, bring better energy and presence to any screen or room, AND have enough energy and presence for your life and loved one and self at the end of the day. 

10 Ways to IEP

10 Ways to IEP: An On-Demand Webinar 

Take advantage of this new on-demand webinar with Anese created for companies who’ve run IEP launches in their organization, who’ve attended an IEP session, or who’ve engaged with her work and books in other ways and want a guide or refresher on how to integrate the work and/or new best practices to keep the content alive and take it deeper in their organization.

In this video Anese reviews the top 10 most important (and most commonly asked) areas of focus and action (as well as a bonus 11th AND a list of best practices) to make this work real and sticky for you and in your organization. As in a workshop or live event, she goes into practice, technique, mindset, and the free-flow conversation of examples and the thinking behind why these things matter and how to do them.

Leadership Self-care

Leadership Self-Care 101

Self-care is the most important leadership asset we have and the most essential leadership skill to build. Our relationship with ourself is the most important relationship we have to nourish and strengthen. The two are deeply related. Our self-care is directly related to our energy, stamina, presence, mindset, clarity, and state of being. Our relationship with ourself is deeply related to our congruency, ability to build trust (with ourselves and others), and our ability to stand for ourselves. Again, these two are deeply related.

In this webinar, Anese will dig into what leadership self-care actually is (it’s not likely not what you think), how it ties into and supports our relationship with ourselves, and how it makes or breaks our leadership impact and ability to lead and serve others. We’ll discuss self-care practices, the number one component you must have (and can access NOW) to build an honest practice, the power of ritual, how to bring the “right” mindset of self-care and organizational health to your company, and how the future of our leadership, relationships, and abundance in this world will be tied to how well we handle this conversation and follow through.

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The Beat

Creating a Positively Contagious Culture

We are always building a culture, and no doubt – it is contagious. The key question here is, what kind of culture are we creating? What culture am I personally contributing to creating? Is it one that I love, one that I hate, one that energizes me, or one that exhausts me before I even walk in the (virtual or real) door? And if it’s NOT what I want, how do I change it? These are magical, honest, game changing questions (when engaged with genuinely). They’re the start of positive, useful, and sustainable culture change.

The great news is that while we often think that culture is created “out there” by the people around us, it’s actually created “in here” as well – starting with ourselves first. We are the culture. Each of us. In this webinar, Anese will discuss the myths of healthy leadership and culture creation, the 7 components of creating a healthy organization, the “culture change list,” and how each of us can authentically be the change we want to see, AND invite those around us to do the same as well.

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