Self-Study Programs

In a pantsuit or pajamas: build your skills, improve your impact, wherever, whenever.

Our online programs bring the IEP Method® to your laptop, phone, or tablet whenever you have a minute to engage. There are no tests, they are self-directed, we give you the tools and guides, and you set the schedule. These programs are budget-friendly, effective, and can be done alone or with your team or partner. We’re so happy to bring this work to you in this way!

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Need a RESET? Who doesn’t. Your well-being, clarity, and presence are essential to your leadership impact and generosity. And as a human being with a full life, well-being, clarity, and presence can easily slip. It’s your leadership to pull them back on, make them stronger than ever, and lead. And you may need some support. You may be going through a lot right now. “Burnout” maybe a feeling you’re dancing with or fully experiencing. Whether it’s the general energy of the pandemic, changes in your business or career, a loss of relationship, loss of a job or revenue, changes in your team, health changes, recalibrating your life as you work from home… ANYTHING… let me help you RESET. [$99.00]



Learn the IEP Fundamentals via this Webinar Workshop Series (Recording)

This is a new offering we’ve created to accommodate schedules, budgets, time zones, work requirements, and energy management, as well as to give people new ways and pacing to truly integrate the content over 2 weeks. This session was originally recorded live in four parts and includes 4 videos (2-2.5 hours each with bonus content), handouts, transcripts, and core slides from the webinar to support your integration. [$297.00]




The IEP-Activator Toolkit + Program is designed for HR, talent, training, and coaching professionals who want to use core tools and principles from Contagious You, Contagious Culture, and the IEP Method® body of work to activate IEP within their organization and with their clients. This is a self-paced online program which includes an extensive suite of modules, tools, resources, videos, and transcripts to support your integration. [$2,500] 


The Beat

THE BEAT: A Weekly Audio Drumbeat (w/Questions!) from Anese

Weekly IEP Coaching in your pocket. A weekly “beat” to give you a quick shot of IEP and something real and tangible to focus on for the week to up-level your self-care, presence, and impact. Each Beat is a 2-5 minute recording with an online journal, arriving in your inbox Monday morning, to support your weekly leadership and intentions. All Beats are created to align with the content of monthly IEP Learning Labs to create even more nourishment and support in integration and making the content real. Learning Lab members receive the BEAT for free as part of their annual membership. (Single labs receive 4 weeks of the BEAT after each lab.) [Tuition: $5/week, $15/month, or $197/year.]

Virtual Presence


In case you missed it in the last section, this program is for remote teaming as well! Create connection, build safety, and work productively in new ways. This toolkit is designed to help you work the nuances of virtual presence and meetings; guide you in setting the container (before, during, and after the meeting/conversation), and create productive agreements and intentions so that you can all show up at your best and create safety for true intimacy and connection whether you are 1:1 or with a big group.


Get Present

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