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IEP Labs for Leadership, Resiliency, and Cultural Health 

IEP Learning Labs are a blend of content, conversation, and connection all for skills building and personal leadership nourishment. They are designed to give you ongoing access to IEP training and support in a convenient, cost-effective, and time-friendly manner. These sessions (all virtual and only 90 minutes/month) are offered as either open enrollment (you’re with other people and companies in the session) or can be led privately for your organization (customized, oriented to your challenges, and only for your people).

This program offers consistent access throughout the year in a way that is experiential, digestible, and useful — focused on using IEP principles, tools, and skills to address today’s life, leadership, and business challenges. Whether you are new to IEP or have been trained and participating in it for years, these sessions provide new learning, practice, and community. When we’re responsible for our IEP, we can work together better to create a positively and usefully healthy contagious culture. (The good kind of contagious!)

Learning Lab Schedule & Enrollment Options

IEP Sheet

Q1: 2021 Learning Lab schedule. Labs are generally the 2nd Thursday of the month from 12-1:30 PST.  (I will stay on until 2:00 PST for any additional questions or coaching needs). [NOTE: A recording will be provided if you are unable to attend the lab live.] The core content is IEP + leadership skill + heart to heart connection and discussion. Session focuses are designed based upon community need, themes, and feedback. More on what we do in labs and who these are for below.

  • January 21, 2021: IEP + Cultivating Resiliency 
  • February 11, 2021: IEP + Presence/Holding Your Space
  • March 11, 2021: IEP + Activating the IEP Sheet

What’s included with each Learning Lab:

  • 90-minute (up to 2-hours*) experiential webinar workshop session with Anese
  • Fieldwork Worksheet(s) to apply training content
  • Follow-up tools to support integration (+ recording to be used afterwards for participants)
  • 4 weeks of the IEP Beat to support integration (52 weeks with annual membership)

Annual Membership:

Annual Membership includes:

  • Access to all twelve monthly Learning Labs (and recordings)
  • Integration Worksheet(s) for each learning lab to integrate the tools
  • 52 weeks of the new IEP Beat to support integration (see The Beat bonus below)
  • 10% discount in online self-paced programs


Individual sessions and Annual Memberships: 

  • Single Session: $111/person/session
  • Annual Membership: $1,200/year/person ($999/year/person full pay)

Organizational Membership & Private Sessions: If you are an organization that would like to sponsor more than 10 people in a lab/membership, OR host a private custom session for your organization only, please see our Private Learning Labs & Organizational Subscription page. Thank you! 

IEP Sheet

What we do in a Learning Lab:

IEP labs are intended to be a space you can come to deepen your IEP (Intentional Energetic Presence® + Intentions/ Energy/ Presence), build your personal practice, connect live with Anese and community, and learn more tools and skills to support your leadership impact.

Each month we focus on a core IEP tool or principle that will help you develop, strengthen, and nourish your resiliency, personal sustainability, presence, well-being, sense of purpose, and intentionality, as well as expand your ability to navigate change, build trust, strengthen virtual connection and presence, and fuel team health and organizational culture.


Core agenda of each 90-minute lab:

You will receive a worksheet to support the session along with your classroom information the day before the session so that you can have it handy.

The sessions are generally organized as follows:

  • 30-minutes: IEP practice or principle
  • 30-minutes: Exercise with personal, group, or partner practice
  • 30-minutes: Debrief, group discussion, 1:1 coaching and Q&A
  • 30-minutes: Optional to stay on if more Q or coaching desired*

*This time can also be used for questions related to any self-paced online program you maybe doing including the IEP-Activator Program & Toolkit or questions related to Anese’s books, etc.

These sessions are here to build community, support you, and deepen your IEP for impact in your life. Please note, for people who show up live, you will have the option to pause recording for your coaching.


The Beat

Who Learning Labs are for:

IEP Labs are designed for anyone who wants to create more space, presence, and impact in their life. These session are bite-sized opportunities, offered once a month, for you to come together with other amazing humans who care about impact, well-being, and how they show up, and who want to deepen their level of IEP in their life.

Members and participants may be self-employed, entrepreneurs, a part of a larger organization, educators, individual contributors, health care practitioners, employees and professionals at any level, people who’ve done IEP Live! and other IEP programs (live or self-paced), or who are completely new to this work and just want a bit to dig into each month.

It is not required that you have attended an IEP session to participate. You are welcome to join us from wherever you are at either for a single session or as a member. (Note: Members and IEP graduates will be partnered together in the group exercises to support the community building aspect of the program.) New members will be welcomed in with care, intention, and delight.


The Beat

Bonuses for Learning Lab Annual Membership Subscribers:

To support your integration, when you sign up for a single session you will receive 4 weeks of the brand new Weekly Beat. When you sign up for an annual membership, you’ll receive 52 weeks. That’s weekly “coaching in your pocket” to keep this content alive every week. Each Beat supports the content we work on each month as you navigate leadership and relationship challenges, build your resiliency, hold your space, optimize your presence and impact and how you show up, and work better with your team (remotely or in person). Beats arrive in your inbox every Monday coupled with 7 questions and 2-5 minutes of a mini-podcast or coaching food for thought with Anese. 

Want to join us? Enroll or subscribe here! 

If this resonates for you, we’d sure love to have you! You can choose your option below that fits best. If you’d like something more intense with more training and coaching and cohort activity, please take a look at the IEP Impact Cohorts for Leadership and Culture. If you’d like something less intense or at a lower price point, please take a look at our self-paced programs. In any case, thanks for being here and we look forward to IEP’ing with you.


Learning Labs

Organizational Membership & Private Sessions: If you have more than 10 people you’d like to enroll or subscribe in an IEP Learning Lab, OR you’d like to host one privately, customized to your team/organization, please see our organizational option page here.

Thank you for being here! We do our best to pay this work forward in multiple ways and we can’t do it without you. Please know that 10% of our monthly profits go towards supporting food security and 10% of all proceeds go into a scholarship fund to help subsidize business leaders who’ve been significantly impacted by the pandemic and cannot afford to pay full fees in our programs. If you would like to sponsor someone in a program or know someone who can benefit from our intentions here, please let us know. Thank you for your partnership, leadership, and support.

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