BOUNCE for Impact

BOUNCE: 33 Days of Real Impact.

We’ve built something simple and powerful for you. We’ll be working on everything real here — like real real — in real time, behind closed doors where you can dig in, get relevant and highly applicable tools and resources, and have access to Anese in a new way.

BOUNCE is a 33-day sprint where you’ll work through one of our core programs for 33 days in bite sized sustainable ways so that the work becomes a natural honest part of your life and so that you have more support as you lead. This is an open-enrollment program, anyone who wants to have more impact, reduce (or navigate) burnout, be a better leader, elevate their relationship skills and IEP, do really good work, and have a container of support to do it in is welcome!

BOUNCE is designed to support you with real challenges, clear the noise off your plate, and give you tools and resources to lead, influence, and live better. You can BOUNCE on your own or do a “Collaborative BOUNCE” with live support from Anese.

BOUNCE is currently closed to new registrations. Click here to be on the first-to-know list for when we do the next one!

Live Access + Integrated Resources for Real Application

Leadership and Mastery
IEP Sheet
IEP Sheet

How it Works

Based upon trends we’re seeing, work that’s happening with clients, headlines, and basically whatever the current challenges are — we’ll design a new BOUNCE. The intention of BOUNCE is to give you tools, resources, and space to get present, get connected to your intentions, and be your best — authentically.

Our intention: to help you access and create more Buoyant Optimized Unrelenting Natural Congruent Energy for you as you live and lead.

Self-care is a big part of the game, intentionality is key, quality no baloney leadership skills and presence work will be a big part, and generally anything IEP. (After all, after running 18 experiments over the last 18 months with the IEP work and clients and publics programs, we’ve learned that anything we do is optimized and served by sharing the IEP work as the foundation and that it’s one of the best ways we can contribute to up-leveling culture, leadership, and individual and organizational health.

So for our first BOUNCE, we’re bringing you IEP. And… we’re bringing you a little extra to get started…

As we all know, and maybe experiencing ourselves, people are burned out, exhausted, overwhelmed, exiting their jobs, reeling in the energy of the pandemic, going back and forth between remote and hybrid work, raising kids in some really tricky times, trying to figure out what the Delta variant means each day, navigating global tragedies and global warming, and a lot more (not to mention just living their lives, doing their actual job/work, and taking care of themselves)… So for this BOUNCE, we’re throwing in a RESET as well. Because sometimes you just have to stop, breathe, reset, and reboot.

Continue on for the details and to register! Can’t wait to BOUNCE with you.


SELF-STUDY BOUNCE: IEP-103 w/ RESET as bonus for $395 ($494 Value)

  • Self-study RESET Program delivered upon sign-up. You can do your reset over the next month before we start IEP-103, or you can save it for later! (RESET description below)
  • Access to IEP-103 Self-Study Program received on September 17, 2021 (IEP-103 description below)
  • Weekly IEP-103 Beat (2-5 minute audio w/online journal and queries), specific to IEP-103 every Sunday for 7 weeks to help you set the week up (starting September 19, 2021)

Tuition: $395 ($494 Value) — CLOSED

COLLABORATIVE BOUNCE: IEP-103 w/ RESET as bonus + live engagement and group coaching for $795 ($1095 Value) 

  • Self-study RESET Program delivered upon sign-up (do your reset before we go live with IEP-103 or save it for later!)
  • Access to IEP-103 Self-Study Program received on September 17, 2021
  • Live Group Kickoff Session on September 20, 2021, 9-10:30 am PDT — 60 min content + 30 min Q&A*
  • Weekly IEP-103 Beat (2-5 minute audio w/online journal and queries), specific to IEP-103 every Sunday for 7 weeks to help you set the week up (starting September 19, 2021)
  • 2 Live Q&A + Group Coaching Calls (10/1, 10-11 am PDT + 10/11, 9-10 am PDT)*
  • BOUNCE Completion Call on 10/22, 10-11:30 PDT — 60 min content + 30 min Q&A*

Tuition: $795 ($1095 Value) — CLOSED

*Can’t attend a call live? We’ve got you! Calls will be recorded and shared with registered BOUNCERs after each session!

The Beat


IEP-103 Self-Study Program

IEP Course

Want to learn the CORE of the IEP Method® in 103 minutes (with hours of additional content and resources to support you exploring different elements more deeply as suits you)? Join me for IEP-103, our IEP Method Self-Study Course.

Here’s just a bit of what happens in this online program:

  • learn the IEP Method, the 3 core components of it, and how to apply it immediately
  • instantly shift your presence and energetic state so that you not only feel more grounded, spacious, and clear, but show up more solid as well
  • assess why this is important to you and the impact it’s having on your life, team, sales, culture, etc. (Do the “Run Your Numbers” exercise and really see the cost.)
  • lead your one-to-one, team meetings, and even conversations with your loved ones more effectively
  • get “in front of” burnout by putting the core IEP practices in place that will support you, your resiliency, and your leadership
  • access bonus assessments to help you get into “right” (and real) relationship with your resiliency, energy, leadership, and burnout risk
  • participate in recorded exercises (by yours truly) not only teaching the method, but also going into The Bubble, The IEP Energetic Xylophone, The IEP-3, and “Run Your Numbers”
  • learn how to use the IEP Sheet for anything (we’ve built in 17 examples — with the actual sheet and a video walking you through it — from different roles, industries, and conversations/projects) to set yourself up for success in your next sales conversation, employee feedback session, project, presentation, parenting challenges, team meeting, difficult convo (including “the divorce conversation” — you all know I like to keep this content real!), keynote/talk, and more.
  • do this with your team (or whole organization) to become more present, intentional, and aware of your impact together

This program is on our e-learning platform and comes with a fieldwork guide (printable and type-able online), video training, worksheets, an IEP Grid (to link content to the IEP-Activator and IEP-W Programs if you have one of them), and many bonus modules and resources that I’ve found most helpful when I teach this program live. This program offers a solid entry into the IEP body of work with many of our other self-study and live offerings taking you deeper as needed.


“I can say without hesitation IEP-103 delivers extraordinary value right out of the gate. I was floored by what I learned and observed about myself and my presence within the first few minutes. Mind opened, mind blown, action underway to be at my best. IEP-103 is the quick dose you need to get grounded…”

— Shannyn Lee, Director of Coaching, Win Without Pitching


RESET Self-Study Program


You may be going through a lot right now. Whether it’s the general energy of the pandemic, changes in your business or career, a loss of relationship, loss of a job or revenue, changes in your team, health changes, feeling burnt out, considering a change in your environment or profession, ANYTHING… you may be feeling a need to breathe, reflect, and RESET.

That’s what this program is here for.

This program is online, self-paced, and includes:

  • 10 lessons with videos and worksheets (videos range from 2-13 minutes, the longest is 18)
  • A RESET Implementation & Fieldwork Guide
  • The IEP Sheet
  • Bonus Videos on “Who you’re becoming” and “Breadcrumbs back to self”


  • Clear the field, identify WHAT’S WHAT: Get clear on what you’ve just been through (or are going through); what’s important about it and who you’ve become thus far; and process through the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful so you can clear that energy and move forward
  • Capture and cull the learning and put it to use so that you come out of “this” (whatever “this” is) more you, more congruent, stronger, and with more agency and power in your life and leadership
  • Create “breadcrumbs” to anchor and strengthen you and your state of being when you are off kilter
  • Identify, design, and activate your RESET (RESET is an acronym that takes you through the process of resetting — for real — so that you can show up better, clearer, and stronger for yourself and others. The RESET process involves 14 components to explore, nourish, and tend to.)
  • Reboot and go with your action plan

You can do this RESET for anything and as often as you want. You can do it in your PJs in the middle of the night. You can do it with friends or your team. You can even do this as a team process. And when you purchase the program, you get life-long access.

Our intention as a team and organization is to serve you and be as useful as possible by bringing you tools, programs, and content we create for building awareness and self-care, optimizing leadership and self-agency, and ultimately increasing positive impact all the way around. No noise. Just honest work that invites space to RESET.


“This program is spot on for what I needed after this year. I cannot thank you enough.”


Get Present

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