BOUNCE: Coming Fall 2021

A Subscription for Real Impact.

We’ll be working on everything real here – like real real — behind closed doors where you can dig in, get relevant and highly applicable tools and resources, and have access to Anese in a new way. BOUNCE is a 2-level subscription program for executives on the cutting edge of their leadership and humans (at any level of leadership) who want to have more impact, reduce (or navigate) burnout, feel good, create a positively contagious culture in all the ways, and do really good work. Period.

Doors open September 7th, 2021. Sign up below to be on the first to know list when membership opens.

Live Access + Integrated Resources for Real Application

Leadership and Mastery
IEP Sheet
IEP Sheet
IEP Sheet
The Beat

Want to join us? We’d love you to. Doors open September 7th.

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