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Anese has worked with business leaders and organizations in all kinds of industries for more than twenty years. She brings a wealth of expertise to the areas of leadership and culture, strategy and communication, resiliency and change management, business modeling and sales, building trust and credibility, creative leadership, presence work, and more. She’s found that no matter what issues people and organizations are dealing with, being clearer about their intentions, cleaner with their energy, present to how they’re showing up, and accountable with their actions, are the essential components of creating solutions that are congruent, collaborative, and effective, while honoring the well-being and values of the individual and organization.

Therefore, for our public programs, we focus on teaching the IEP Method® as a core framework to build upon. Below you can access several ways to engage that will support you wherever you’re at in your leadership journey. While private engagements, consulting, and coaching are customized to your unique needs, and may go deeply into any of the above areas of expertise, the IEP frameworks and our public programs offer a solid foundation for anyone looking to strengthen their leadership and personal sustainability while navigating any relationship, problem, or opportunity.


Aside from the various tools you can engage with on this site and books for purchase, we have three ways to engage with this content:

For groups of 5 or more, please contact us for team pricing or program licensing if you’d like to do any of these programs as a team or have them for your organization as a whole.


Want something more customized?  

For private custom engagements with Anese (ie. speaking, consulting, private book clubs and training), please contact us directly or learn more in the Engage with Anese section of this site.

Below we’ve included some videos and pictures from past live events to share some of the impact of this work. While we are not doing in-person programs through the pandemic, we are finding that connection can be built online, that this work transfers well, and that it’s more important than ever. That said, can’t wait to hug you again!



Join us for the next IEP Learning Lab with Anese on IEP + Choice Points. These monthly sessions are virtual, 90 minutes long (though Anese stays on for up to 2 hours for extra Q&A and coaching), and recorded if you can’t make it live. Learning Labs are designed to support you and be a steady IEP drumbeat in your life. Sessions are a combination of content, discussion, experience, group work, and then integration fieldwork to support you in making (and keeping) it real.

You can participate in individual sessions each month. Newbies welcome!

“This program is my monthly dose of IEP. It’s great to do this work in community.” 

Investment: $99/lab*

*Monthly labs are free to members and IEP-Activators.

Featured Self-Paced Programs for Today’s Needs



Need a RESET?? You may be going through a lot right now, or recovering from a lot. Whether it’s the general energy of the pandemic, changes in your business or career, a loss of a relationship, loss of a job or revenue, changes in your team, health changes, ANYTHING… you may be feeling a need to breathe, reflect, and RESET.

Loaded with immediately-applicable tools, exercises, and a lot of space to breathe, that’s what this program is here for. We all need a reboot from time to time, this program offers you a framework you can use for anything.

“This program is spot on for what I needed after this year. I cannot thank you enough.”

Investment: $99/person



The IEP Fundamentals course taught over a 4-part Webinar Workshop Series (~2 hours each), recorded and ready for you to engage with on your own schedule, independently or with your team. Learn the IEP Method®, work the Leadership Model, create action plans, participate in exercises, assess the financial and cultural impact of IEP (so you can tie this work to your bottom line), and create a tangible action plan to lead more effectively and bring better energy and presence to any screen or room.

“There was so much good information in this program I am having to watch parts of it again. I know it’s working because my husband has asked if he can do it with me now.”

Investment: $297/person

What it’s like to participate in a live event

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