The Beat

The Beat – Weekly Reflection & Accountability Focus Tool

“Getting in front of” your week, your life, and your leadership is one of the secrets to success in optimizing impact. Sometimes you just need a little boost. By popular demand, we’ve now made “The Beat” available for subscription. Used by clients for the last four years, these Beats have helped people accelerate their results, keep track of their progress, and engage in personal development and intention setting on a weekly basis. And all in under 10 minutes a week (though you’re welcome to spend more time if you like)! It’s like having a personal coach and teacher in your pocket.

With your Beat subscription you get:

  • Weekly audio (3-7 minutes) or video about a topic of the week to focus on or increase your awareness around. Examples of topics include: collaboration, creative leadership, increasing presence, giving and receiving feedback, building relationships, navigating conflict, creating purpose, visioning, and owning your personal power without freaking people out.
  • The “Weekly 9 – 9 questions to help you ground where you’re at, what you’re working on, and what you need to do for business & leadership success that week.

Super easy. Very cool. And, you can cancel at anytime. Try it out and become a part of our weekly community.

  • Month-to-Month – $10/month (you can, of course, cancel at any time and your card will not be charged again.)
  • Annual Fee – $100/year

Want to make this available to your team? Contact us for group rates.

$10.00 Monthly Subscription

$100.00 Annual Subscription 

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