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Virtual Presence + Meeting IEP Toolkit

With so many working more virtually and on-screen now, we need to learn how to create connection, safety, and productive work in different ways. There are a ton of great resources that talk about how to meet virtually, virtual teaming and presentations, and more… This toolkit is designed to help you work the nuances of virtual presence and meetings; to address the IEP side of it (your Intentional Energetic Presence®), how you set the container — before, during, and after the meeting/conversation — so you can all show up at your best, and how you create safety for true intimacy and connection whether you are 1:1 or with a big group.

This program is online, self-paced, and includes: 

  • 7 lessons / modules with videos and worksheets (videos range from 2-15 minutes)
  • The Virtual Presence & Meeting IEP Toolkit Guide
  • A Virtual Presence & Meeting IEP Infographic (that you can share with your team)
  • The IEP Sheet
  • Bonus videos and worksheets to help you with creating impact (through the 5 Steps to Intentional Impact), designing hand signals and shortcuts of communication with your team, and states of being to embody and project in order to create the most powerful presence and connected experience possible online.


  • Set your meetings up for success logistically AND energetically –– before, during, and after — by creating a solid, healthy, productive, and proactive container to meet in and do your best work
  • As host or leader, know exactly what you need to do to set your team up right — beforehand
  • As participant, know exactly what you need to do logistically and presence and mindset-wise to bring your best
  • Set the tone for the meeting from HELLO/JOIN with your environment and a couple other special tricks to bring positive and useful energy to the space
  • Create safety and connection from the beginning of the meeting (and throughout) so you can show up honestly and authentically (and productively to do real work)
  • Use new tools and exercises (9) to ground the group and bring everyone here NOW for presence
  • Create agreements that support the container of the meeting and team connection
  • Create action plans for afterwards so that process improvement and deeper connections continue…

You can use this program for yourself as facilitator to guide the process and as a participant to show up better in the process. There is an InfoGraphic with an overview of everything in one spot (which you are welcome to share with your team), and you can also purchase the kit for your whole team so you all have the deeper dive, videos, and nuances of each element to do it well.

The fee for this Toolkit/Program is $49/person. (If you have a team of 10 or more you want to have this, or want to share the toolkit with your entire organization, contact us for team and organizational rates.)

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