RESET Bundle

IEP Leadership RESET Bundle

Sometimes you just want/need a general reset and the ability to dig into this content as you please. And sometimes you just want general access to our online library so that you can do whatever programs you wish, privately of your own design, when you wish, and when most needed

IEP Leadership RESET is designed to give you full access to our core online programs as you navigate change, strengthen your leadership congruency and presence, and lead others. This is our all-access online program which gives you access to all of the programs below. Once you are in the library, you’ll have ongoing access to the programs for as long as they exist.

This bundle has been intentionally crafted to give you a solid, yet flexible, container to work within. (They are listed in the order that you might do them.)

The IEP Leadership RESET Bundle focuses on different aspects of your leadership and includes:

  • GENERAL IEP TRAINING –> Access to the IEP Fundamentals Workshop Webinar 4-Part Series (with videos, transcripts, and worksheets to support your work) to learn the fundamentals of IEP at your own pace. ($297)
  • RESET YOUR LIFE &/OR LEADERSHIP –> The IEP RESET Program (online with fieldwork guide, videos, and curriculum) ($99)
  • PERSONAL DAILY INTEGRATION & HABIT FORMING –> Access to #ProjectImpeccable & the IEP100 Program to help you integrate all of the above however you wish ($250)
  • VIRTUAL MEETING PROWESS –> The Virtual Presence & Meeting IEP Toolkit (to support your online presence) ($49)
  • TEAM & RELATIONSHIP LEADERSHIP –> Access to IEP School, Level 3 (which includes L1: Personal Leadership & Self-Mastery, L2: Team & Relational Leadership, & the Craft Authentic Impact book) ($495)
  • BOOK EXPLORATION & INTEGRATION –> Book discussion guides (with access to pre-recorded video book club sessions with Anese) for Contagious Culture and Contagious You to help you work through the content in either book on your own and/or run a book club with your own group ($198)

 Benefits and Outcomes of RESET:

  1. Safe space to think HONESTLY about what’s going on, what you need, what you want, and what you’re bumping up against
  2. Process work of the “loss” or whatever change or issue you are experiencing (could even be a major WIN or great thing that you’re needing to process), it’s essential to honor it, process it, and clear it so that you can clear your field for next…
  3. Clarity of where you’re at, what you need, what’s going on, what you want, and what you need to step into to create your NEXT (or the result you desire)
  4. Intention clarification — get this right and you are on your way (this is key)
  5. Presence work — working your presence IN REAL TIME and exploring what else is needed NOW in the land of remote work
  6. Meeting preparation work — working your 5 Steps and proactively addressing team dynamics and the emotional impact you want to have on them
  7. Agreement crafting to help you create the container for your team (or relationship) to produce its best work
  8. Meeting design to set up your next meeting as powerfully as possible
  9. Energetic State work — learning to shift state to support your presence and create the intentional impact you want
  10. Conflict or relationship navigation — what are the issues, what’s getting triggered for you, what’s what you can’t see, and what are your next steps for resolution
  11. Invitation vs Force leadership presence work — working your presence to create safety and be an INVITATIONAL leader vs. forceful or “by obligation” leader
  12. Tools and coaching on whatever “skills” or presence work will help you get there
  13. RESET work and diving into specific areas of the RESET as needed
  14. Values, purpose, and congruency clarification NOW — what are your priorities? Your criteria for next? What do you need to do and BE to be in total alignment with yourself?
  15. Training and tools for personal leadership, team leadership, and relationship navigation
  16. Grounding and next steps to move forward

Everyone is unique, resets and reboots look differently for each of us, hence this program. If you are a self-starter, like to work on your own pace, and want to have a repository of tools to dig into to support you wherever you’re at, in a cost-effective way, this offering may have been created just for you.

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