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Need a refresher, a steady IEP drumbeat, follow up on programs you’ve done (or are doing), simply want to be in community with others who care about impact AND well-being, or are completely brand new to this work and want to dig in with a fun group? Learning Labs are designed to give you ongoing access to IEP training and support, strengthen your IEP practice, provide a new (or refresher) tool or principle each month, and support you in leading with resiliency, grace, and grit.

All virtual, 90 minutes/month (though Anese stays on for up to 2 hours for extra Q&A and coaching), these labs are here to support you and be a steady IEP drumbeat in your life. Sessions are a combination of content, discussion, experience, group work, and then integration fieldwork to support you in making (and keeping) it real.

You can participate in individual sessions each month, for one month or several.

Details, dates, and more, all right here.


DATE: June 10, 2021, 12:00 – 1:30pm PDT (Anese will stay on for an additional 1/2 hour for coaching and questions as needed)

TOPIC: THE IEP METHOD® + Leader Self-Care, Trust & Congruency


  • 90-minute (up to 2 hours*) experiential webinar workshop session with Anese
  • Fieldwork Worksheet(s) to apply training content

INVESTMENT:  $99/person/single session

If you’d like to book a Private Learning Lab or enroll in an Organizational Membership, please contact us.

June 10, 2021 Individual Learning Lab

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