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The Leader You Will Be: An Invitation (Soft Cover)

The Leader You Will Be is an invitation to the leader in all of us to step up, shine bright, be real, do good, and bring our best selves to the table for (positive) impact, love, and living lives well lived. This short book is an illustrated journey of leadership and becoming, speaking to behaviors, intentions, actions, and “ways of being” witnessed, experienced, and taught by Anese in her work with business leaders, organizations, and human beings around the world over the last twenty years as a leadership advisor and lover of the human spirit.

The Leader You Will Be has been performed on stages around the country for audiences who want to have a more meaningful impact in business and life, and who want to do it in their own authentic way. What started as a poem, grew into a work of love and craft created by Anese and her team and what you see here now. This poem is an invitation, not a prescription, and it is for you in whatever way fuels you most. Use it, share the love, keep it for yourself, read it to your kids, give it to your team, leave it as a secret leadership admirer gift for people you care about, and enjoy. Pick one thing, pick five, but dig in, and take the invitation. The time to lead is now, wouldn’t you agree? So lean in, get your game on, and show up as the leader you will be…

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