#PP100 / #IEP100

We’re excited to announce the #IEP100 Program designed to help you create what you want to create and become who you want to become over the next 100 days.

This “program” is an offering of something, let’s call it a “practice and promise,” that I do for myself to support me in strengthening and nourishing my relationship with self, my own internal congruency, and my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

This ultimately helps me think more clearly, show up more powerfully, say “yes” to the “right” things and “no” to the “wrong,” honor my promises to self (and thereby others) more fully, lead more effectively and honestly, be more generous, and feel better and more grounded when everything around me seems to be in crisis, or falling apart, or confusing, or tense, etc. (Of course, I am speaking for myself here and also likely speaking for a friend or two.)

No, this does not mean things are always rosy and Pollyanna and easy — at all. Stuff gets hard. Tricky. Painful. Frustrating. All of it. AND I’ve learned that the more we stay present and in “right relationship” with ourselves, and the more we act with intention, the easier it is to navigate, learn from, and use those harder “moments” for good.

An invitation to step into cultivating your relationship with yourself AND getting into “right action” — whatever that means for you — over the next 100 days. You can start this program anytime, you can do it again and again. It is designed to be a structure — that is a great friend — as you navigate your life.

This program is a “choose your own adventure” program which means I give you frameworks, guardrails, and ideas, and you put them together and design your personal plan as it resonates best for you.

What you’ll receive:

  • Program Guide and Mini Workshop Video from Anese
  • Best Practices Note
  • Choose Your Adventure #IEP100 Legend
  • A Promise Plan for yourself
  • #IEP100 Intentions Page
  • One-Page 100-Day Calendar Tracker
  • Weekly Overview Planner & Prep Sheets
  • #IEP100 Daily Checklist
  • Two Multiple Daily Bonus Sheets (use one or all!)
  • The IEP Sheet (with video access)
  • Social media posts on Instagram and LinkedIn to support your journey

If you are ready to engage with yourself, this time, and your impact in a new way, an invitation to step into cultivating your congruency AND getting into “right action” — whatever that means for you — over the next 100 days. We have little control over people and things outside ourselves, however we have total control over how we choose to show up, how we take care of ourselves, how we choose to lead and respond, and who we choose to become. And bonus: It’s never too late to become who and what we want to become.

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