IEP-W: An IEP Method® Webinar Workshop Series

Join us for this 4-part Webinar Workshop Series to learn all the parts of the IEP Method, work the IEP Leadership Model (inside and out), create action plans, participate in exercises and practicum (privately), assess the (positive and negative) financial and cultural impact of energy, self-care, and well-being so you can tie this work to your bottom line, and have a tangible action plan as well as new skills to help you have more impact, lead more effectively, bring better energy and presence to any screen or room, AND have enough energy and presence for your life and loved one and self at the end of the day. 

This is a new offering we are experimenting with during COVID-19 to accommodate schedules, budgets, time zones, work requirements, and energy management, as well as to give people new ways and pacing to truly integrate the content over 2 weeks. You can attend the session live and have access to Q&A and real time coaching, or you can purchase the recordings. (If you attend live, you also receive the recordings to review and keep working on as you please). You can attend ONE session OR all of them. I highly recommend you do all 4 (and we’ve priced it to encourage this). If you can’t make one live, you can access the recording later. We’ve got you!

* Live Sessions: $97/person/each or $297 for the whole series (excluding December 21, 2020 session)

* Recordings: $47/recording or $197 for the whole series (excluding December 21, 2020 session)

Learn more here.

*Next Dates for LIVE SESSIONS (recordings are included with live sessions), all held from 9am – 11am Pacific:

  • Session 1: IEP Method® and Impact: Using It, Optimizing It, and Measuring It (Culturally & Financially) — November 3, 2020 (register for live session here)
  • Session 2: The Essential You: Setting Intentions, Holding Your Space, and Leading Authentically — November 5, 2020 (register for live session here)
  • Session 3: Building a Strong Energetic Field & Foundation: Setting Yourself Up For Success Through the 4 Quads — November 10, 2020 (register for live session here)
  • Session 4: Putting it All Together: Creating Intentional Impact & Building Clean Relationships through Your IEP — November 12, 2020 (register for live session here)
  • and a VERY special, YEAR-END event “SET YOUR 2021 UP” on December 21, 2020 (3-hour live, $150) (register for live session here)

Please note there are no refunds. If you need to cancel, we’ll apply your tuition towards a future webinar.

Invest in whole series (excludes December 21, 2020 workshop)

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