IEP-Stewardship Training

IEP Stewardship Training includes a robust set of IEP tools and materials, enrollment in IEP Stewardship School, a license to lead and use the content in your organization, a 4-day training session with Anese, Learning Labs, and some follow up to make it all so. We book these trainings in cohorts by application. If you are interested, please contact us.

IEP-Trained Stewards will:

  • Have a deeper understanding and competency with the content, as well as real-time application and tools they can use to optimize IEP immediately
  • Be able to share and coach IEP content, as well as lead the 4-hour IEP Fundamentals Session within their organization
  • Be able to work with and coach others to integrate the IEP Fundamentals into their business and life, including use of 20 proprietary IEP tools
  • Be able to pay this work forward inside their organization, or with their private clients, in a meaningful, authentic, and sustainable way.
  • Be able to continue to enhance, strengthen, and deepen their own leadership skills and presence

Note: Stewardship Training INCLUDES an initial IEP Live! Session in your company to establish baseline training for the IEP Fundamentals. 

Note: At this time, the IEP-Trained Stewardship Program is only available to organizations doing an IEP Integration Initiative with a minimum of 10 Stewards. This program requires a consultation to ensure optimal pacing, placement, and the holistic needs of the organization.

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