IEP Live! Leadership & Influence Immersion: Coming in 2020

What is your Energetic Presence? Is it helping you create the impact you want in your organization and life? Are you Showing Up in a way that’s creating the culture you want to be a part of? Do you have enough of “you” left at the end of the day for you, your family, and the things you care most about? Are you feeling “busy”, “overwhelmed”, wiped out, or simply discombobulated with all that’s going on in your world?

How are you setting yourself up for success to LEAD in a way that is effective, inspiring, and life-giving (vs. soul-sucking)? Are you setting yourself — and those you lead — up for success in how you Show Up?

We have plans for you. And they’re all in our IEP Live! Leadership & Influence Immersion.

Join me for two days where we’ll take your leadership, presence, and ability to collaborate, influence, create more space for you, and therefore to create more impact for all, to a whole new level.This event is loaded with solid content, experiences, outcomes, and immediately actionable tools and resources that you can put to use during the session and for the rest of your life. If you’ve been to IEP Live! in the past, wonderful… come again, there’s so much more to dig into. Plus, we’re told again and again, that as people continue to up-level their presence and impact, the content brings them new wisdom and expansion each time they attend. In other words, the content “meets your where you’re at”. Beautiful.

Aside from the core Fundamentals of IEP and the IEP Method (that we rock on day 1), we’ll be working on the following:

  • Strengthening your Energetic Presence from the inside out (in so many ways)
  • Rocking authentic presence including “front of the room” action as well as creating and holding space (both for yourself AND for others) in any conversation or situation (chaos included)
  • Shifting your state and presence AUTHENTICALLY in a way that will get you the best (and most real) results
  • Navigating “busy”, “overwhelm”, and “discombobulation” (and even eliminating them if you so choose)
  • Personal and Collaborative IEP and how it ALL works together at home, at work, in our culture
  • Creating a team and a workplace that attracts, retains, inspires, and champions top talent to become even better (as well as gracefully and effectively addressing talent that’s not working out in a way that leaves everyone still big and better)
  • Setting yourself up to BE and BRING the best version of you to the table — every day (whether that means leading your board meeting or sitting on the couch watching cartoons with your kids — it all counts!)

Special team fare! Bring 4 people from your team and receive 20% off each ticket. (Code at checkout: TEAM). Note: the tickets must be ordered all at once in order to redeem TEAM code. Please put your teammates’ names and emails in the comments section when registering.

We know stuff happens, if you’d like to learn about our rescheduling and cancellation policy, please click here.

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