IEP-LEAD: An IEP Virtual Leadership Program

In this virtual event, held over 3 partial days, we work together virtually, with a small group, to dig into the IEP Fundamentals AND core leadership skills and practices essential to leadership, creating healthy dynamics, navigating conflict, and creating a healthy culture. This session is comparable to our once-upon-a-time IEP Live! Sessions (which were 2 full days, in person, and with a larger group). 

This workshop has been designed to give you all the best of the IEP Fundamentals as well as teach and experience the core leadership skills we’ve found most valuable in our work with organizations and business leaders. While the IEP-V Fundamentals gives you the experience and integration of the core methodology, IEP-LEAD builds on it with tangible, immediately applicable skills to use as you strengthen your leadership and presence, create more space in your life, up-level your ability to connect, influence, build rapport, create safety, and create intentional impact with those you love and lead.  

This program is taught over 3 days with a small group of people to ensure intimacy and personalized attention in the session. 

In addition to the session, participants are provided with: 

  • pre-work and access to our Virtual Presence & Meeting IEP Program before the session to support in intention setting and preparation, 
  • post-work and the 7-Week IEP Beat after the session to support a weekly drumbeat of intention setting and integration of the IEP-LEAD concepts,
  • an optional follow up live virtual session a month later for Q&A, reuniting, and digging into anything else needed.

Learn more and get the full 3-day agenda here.

This session is highly experiential and interactive, it is confidential, and it will arm you with new tools, practices, and ways of being to support your leadership, impact, and results today. 

This session is taught by Anese and offered a couple of times a year virtually and spaces are limited. 

Note: There are no recordings due to the confidential and personal nature of the session.

*Next Dates for LIVE SESSIONS:

  • December 9, 2020 (10am – 1:30pm PST), December 10, 2020 (8am – 11:30am PST), and December 11, 2020 (8am – 11:30am PST) — register below

NOTE: Due to the limited spots in this event and the immediate access to training tools, there are no refunds for this course, however, you can apply your tuition to a future session.

$995 per person

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