IEP Course

IEP-103: The IEP Course

IEP in 103. This online self-paced program will take you through the methodology in 103 minutes.

Want to learn the CORE of the IEP Method® in 103 minutes (with hours of additional content and resources to support you exploring different elements more deeply as suits you)? Join me for IEP-103, our IEP Method Self-Study Course.

Here’s just a bit of what happens in this online program:

  • learn the IEP Method, the 3 core components of it, and how to apply it immediately
  • assess why this is important to you and the impact it’s having on your life, team, sales, culture, etc. (Do the “Run Your Numbers” exercise and really see the cost.)
  • access bonus assessments to help you get into “right” (and real) relationship with your resiliency, energy, leadership, and burnout risk
  • participate in recorded exercises (by yours truly) not only teaching the method, but also going into The Bubble, The IEP Energetic Xylophone, The IEP-3, and “Run Your Numbers”
  • learn how to use the IEP Sheet for anything (we’ve built in 17 examples — with the actual sheet and a video walking you through it — from different roles, industries, and conversations/projects) to set yourself up for success in your next sales conversation, employee feedback session, project, presentation, parenting challenges, team meeting, difficult convo (including “the divorce conversation” — you all know I like to keep this content real!), keynote/talk, and more.

This program is on our e-learning platform and comes with a fieldwork guide (printable and type-able online), video training, worksheets, an IEP Grid (to link content to the IEP-Activator and IEP-W Programs if you have one of them), and many bonus modules and resources that I’ve found most helpful when I teach this program live. Bonus, this program has been designed so you can work through it on your own or with your team as quickly or slowly as you wish.

Tuition: $150 (for now!)

A few words re: IEP-103 from a recent participant:

“I can say without hesitation IEP-103 delivers extraordinary value right out of the gate. I was floored by what I learned and observed about myself and my presence within the first few minutes. Mind opened, mind blown, action underway to be at my best. IEP-103 is the quick dose you need to get grounded and I plan to go deeper and go all in on additional IEP training. Our team plans to do the same. Thank you Anese!!!”
Shannyn Lee, Director of Coaching, Win Without Pitching

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