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IEP Executive Impact Program: Private Coaching

This 6-month private program with Anese is focused on Senior and Executive Leadership and digs into leadership, culture, impact, self-care, resiliency, organizational health, building trust, creating safety, inviting and holding accountability, and cultivating a sustainable and healthy culture. WHILE taking excellent care of the leader, making sure that YOUR needs are met, and strengthening your own congruency and relationship with self. Self-care is a leadership skill and in this session you will see how this applies to your impact, and the outcomes above, in ways you’ve not imagined before.

This program is done via private coaching one-to-one with Anese. The cohort mentioned in the video below is now the IEP Impact Cohort Program (which is 14 weeks total, two 6-week sessions with a 2 week break in the middle if you do BOTH sessions). If you are looking to be in a cohort with up to 9 other leaders, please see the IEP Impact Cohort page here.

If you would like to do private work, 1:1, please start the process here. Anese holds six 6-month coaching segments a year for individuals interested in doing deeper work at a more rigorous level of access and partnership and a higher level of time, financial, and energetic investment. You can learn more about private work on her private work page.

*The video below is referring to the Executive Impact Program which WAS for cohorts and 1:1 work. In service of our clients and partners, the program she speaks of is now a private coaching program (1:1) and the cohort option has been refined now to the IEP Impact Cohort Program.

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