IEP-Stewardship Certification: By Invitation/Application

IEP Stewardship Certification includes a robust set of IEP tools and materials, enrollment in IEP Stewardship School, a license to lead and use the content in more than one organization (and with your private clients), a 4-day training session with Anese, Learning Labs and all follow up included in base training, as well as additional support, coaching, feedback, private work with Anese, and more to accelerate your game as Steward. Certification is by invitation or application only, takes place after the basic Stewardship training, and includes 18 months of additional support and tools.

IEP-Certified Stewards will:

  • Be able to do the things listed in the IEP-Training Track as well as…
  • Be able to share and coach IEP content, as well as lead the 4-Hour IEP Fundamentals Session with multiple clients and a broader license, making this work a core part of their business
  • Be able to work with and coach others to integrate the IEP Fundamentals into their business and life, including use of 20 proprietary IEP tools (rolled out over the 18-month program)
  • Be a part of our IEP-Certified Stewardship Cohort which focuses on the “business of IEP Stewardship” and provides access to more training, tools, and 1:1 coaching and support
  • Be listed on our site as a IEP-Certified Steward (once they’ve completed criteria) and be eligible for referrals as part of our Stewardship Team
  • Be able to continue to enhance, strengthen, and deepen their own leadership skills, presence, and IEP Mastery

If you are interested in Certification, please contact us for more information.

Note: You must already be an IEP-Trained Steward to participate in this program.

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