IEP Self Mastery

Self Mastery, Introduction to IEP

Just the basics? This self-paced program is designed to help you learn the fundamentals of IEP essential to creating more impact and presence in your life (while feeling amazing doing so — let’s ditch burnout, busy, and overwhelm all together, shall we?). Working through the IEP Implementation Guide with the accompanying audio and the 5 training videos you can create a solid foundation for integrating IEP more thoroughly into your life. As a bonus, we’ve added a full year of The Beat (a weekly audio and email that comes to your inbox), to support you in deeper integration.

In this program you will learn how to:

  • Work through the IEP Model and build your IEP Foundation
  • Reboot your presence in the moment for greater influence and effectiveness
  • Create impact – internally AND externally – intentionally
  • Begin to respond to and direct your life, vs react to and be overwhelmed by your life
  • Create more space and enjoyment in your leadership serving the people you lead more powerfully

Program Includes:

  • The IEP Self Mastery Module w/Implementation Guide AND Audio
  • 5 IEP Training Videos
  • 1 Year of The Beat

Self-Paced Program
$195.00 per user (one time fee)

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