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Contagious Culture Book Club


Here are the details:
  • Dates/Times: Mondays at 1:00pm EDT, June 1- July 13. The calls will be 55 minutes.
  • Length: This will be a 6-week club and we’ll skip July 6th for the holiday weekend (unless we find that we really want to do July 6 due to whatever is happening with COVID-19 and working situations, etc.).
  • Platform: Zoom. It is recommended you attend all calls, however if you cannot, they will be recorded and shared with book club members in addition to extra resources provided/mentioned on the calls.
  • What you get w/Book Club: 6 weeks of group calls and live discussion with me talking about the week’s assigned chapters and content and answering any questions that come in for each week. (You can submit questions each week as you wish.) You’ll also receive the Contagious Culture Discussion Guide ($25 in our store) and other surprises that I disburse throughout the program as I see they’ll fit the needs of the club.  
  • Investment: (Aside for your time and energy to participate.) The cost of the book (order via Kindle, hardcopy, or Audible) and then a-pay-what-you-can model for the 6 weeks for book club. (Minimum entry fee $25/person — one time fee.)
How to register? Click the order link below. It’s a minimum of $25 to enter the book club. (If you have a team of 10 or more you’d like to have participate, we have team discounts — email us.) I look forward to being with you. 


Order Book Club w/ Discussion Guide
$Pay what you can -- minimum $25/person, one-time fee

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