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Integrate IEP into your organization, or with your clients, by becoming an IEPActivator. As an Activator, you’ll guide people to build their resiliency, show up more fully for themselves and others, collaborate more effectively, and lead. By making IEP part of your culture you enhance relational health, presence, and communication on an intuitive and collaborative level — supporting your team and organization in having more of the impact you desire in the world.

Our lighter touch version of “stewardship” of this work that gives you just enough to pay it forward, and doesn’t require intensive training and or certification. Designed for the individual who wants to optimize their personal IEP, work 1:1 with clients on the IEP content, and/or share content and exercises within his/her organization. This is a one-time investment virtual self-paced program. (For organizations with 10 or more IEP-Activators, we have additional training and group pricing options.)

IEP-Activator Certification Program (L2)

Some people just want the kit and the online program and the tools to do it themselves, others, we’ve found, want a deeper dive and more depth in using the content and tools from the IEP work. We’re consider launching the IEP-Activator Certification Program in 2022. This is a virtual training program that will take place over (likely) 12 hours (4 days, each session 3 hours), with curriculum, practice, new content, business development and organizational integration practice planning, and more. For more information, and to be on the “first to know” list, please sign up below.

Ready to activate? We’ve compiled best practices, feedback, learning, and requests from all of our programs to create a virtual offering to help practitioners and organizations integrate this work with their clients and employees in ways that are real, economical, convenient, safe, effective, and fun. To become an IEP-Activator (L1) and get immediate access to tools, videos, training, and more, you can purchase the IEP-Activator Toolkit & Program in our store right now. Note: existing IEP-Activators will get a “membership rate” for enrollment if and when we open a Certification Program in 2022, so we encourage you to get started and lay your foundation now.

Meet our IEP-Certified Stewards & Training Team

Meet our IEP-C’s who’ve gone through extensive training with Anese, lead the IEP Fundamentals, and assist us in IEP-A Certification!

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