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In a pantsuit or pajamas: engage with IEP, wherever, whenever.

Our online programs bring the IEP Method onto your laptop, phone, or tablet whenever you have a minute to engage. There are no tests and you set the schedule. Take a look! Hope to see you in there!

IEP School

IEP School: Self Mastery, an Introduction to IEP
Just the basics? This self-paced program is designed to help you learn the fundamentals of IEP essential to creating more impact and presence in your life (while feeling amazing doing so — let’s ditch burnout, busy, and overwhelm all together, shall we?). Working through the IEP Implementation Guide with the accompanying audio and the 5 training videos you’ll create a solid foundation for integrating IEP more thoroughly into your life. As a bonus, we’ve added a full year of The Beat (a weekly audio and email that comes to your inbox), to support you in deeper integration.

IEP School: Leadership & Influence Mastery
Building on IEP School’s Self-Mastery program, this next level takes you deeper into the IEP Method, provides additional modules to support some of the most core and foundational elements of IEP, and provides additional modules and resources with leadership skills that are necessary for mastering your leadership craft. If you lead people, if you have difficult conversations, if you build teams, if you’re on a team, if you collaborate, if you want to have as much influence with people and have them follow you because you’re a good leader — not because they HAVE to, this is the IEP program you should sign up for.

Project Impeccable

A personal experiment turned impact optimizer and joy up-leveler when Anese created her own #ProjectImpeccable (#PI) in 2016. Since then we’ve been running this program annually and having a ball doing it. Think “impeccability” is about perfection? Not even a little. It’s about something way more meaningful. Even better, you have 100% control of what YOU create with your OWN #PI. What could you do for yourself, your leadership, your impact, and your joy in sixty days? Come find out. If you don’t catch the live program (each Fall), you can do it on your own in one of our virtual versions. We’d love to have you.

The Beat

“Get in front of” your week, your life, and your leadership in one beat a week! Sometimes you just need a little boost. The IEP Weekly Beat has been used by clients and program participants for the last five years. Set your intentions and space, accelerate your results, keep track of your progress, and engage in personal development all in under 10 minutes a week. (Though you’re welcome to spend more time if you like!) It’s like having a personal coach and teacher in your pocket.

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