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The IEP work is experiential and a lifelong practice. The more you live it and embody it, the more powerful it becomes. A big part of the magic is the conversation that unfolds when integrating the content. Whether you’re working with us privately or in a (virtual) room full of people, our intention is that the work meets you where you’re at, serves you as you most need it, and gets paid forward in a way that makes those around you all the better for it. Below is a list of common outcomes and focus areas when we do this work together as well as some shares from different events and ways you can engage in a live/virtual event NOW.

All of our events are highly experiential, featuring awesome people, honest content, and real conversations. In our live events (to be resumed at a later date post pandemic) great food, awesome coffee and tea, good chocolate, and tons of goodies to support your internal and external IEP are plentiful as well. (And don’t fret, for virtual events we have a plan!)


YOU. Who are you becoming? We are constantly becoming. These sessions provide you a moment to take a breath, consider, intend, reflect, claim, and go. Your presence, awareness, ability to create space, and ability to influence others and create impact will never be the same after our time together.

Time, Energy, & Self-Care. Three of your most valuable assets in leadership that create space and safety for others, create the energy and stamina to do what you’re here to do and have the impact you want to have, and give YOU room to breathe.

Leadership and Teamwork. Influence and create great results with your team, build collaboration abilities, increase resiliency, navigate conflict, and invite people to follow you because they want to, not have to.

Client & Personal Relationships. Clients (and people) respond to you — and continue to work with you (or not) — as a leader/service provider/trusted advisor/friend/spouse because of how you show up, the space you can hold with them, and the presence and credibility you bring. (This work has a huge impact on relationships. HUGE.)

Culture. You are the culture. YOU. How you show up effects energy, productivity, trust, innovation, and the attractiveness level of your company as a “great place to work” (or not). You are always creating culture, the question is: What kind? This work optimizes that answer.

Learn to…

Uplevel your presence, impact, and influence by the way you breathe, “take a minute,” Show Up, regard the world, frame your moments, intend your impact, and use the IEP Method  

Be a solid collaborator that gets better results through accessing untapped creativity and energy, while evoking the best in others

Be a leader who leads by inspiration not just title or appointment (do you want people following you because they want to or have to?)

Be a more powerful influencer of yourself, of others, and of the experience you wan to have and create in the world, in your organization, in your relationship, and in your life…

Create more space in your life for you and the things you care most about (anyone want a minute to think? Don’t get sucked into “busy” or overwhelm, especially now. Choose differently.)

Create impact and a life and relationships you love, and feel good while doing it

Build better, more authentic, and more collaborative life-giving relationships that make you happy, create more good in the world and in your organization, and model the change we’re all wanting to make in creating a positively contagious culture.

What it’s like to participate in a live event



IEP-W: An IEP Method® Webinar Workshop Series

Join us for this 4-part Webinar Workshop Series to learn all the parts of the IEP Method, work the IEP Leadership Model (inside and out), create action plans, participate in exercises and practicum (privately), assess the (positive and negative) financial and cultural impact of energy, self-care, and well-being so you can tie this work to your bottom line, and have a tangible action plan as well as new skills to help you have more impact, lead more effectively, bring better energy and presence to any screen or room, AND have enough energy and presence for your life and loved one and self at the end of the day. 

IEP Fundamentals

IEP Fundamentals Program (Virtual Session) 

A virtual event devoted to optimizing your own Intentional Energetic Presence® and impact, learning the fundamentals of IEP, and creating an action plan to integrate it into your life immediately. We offer these sessions in open enrollment so that anyone can attend. These sessions may be taught by Anese or a Certified IEP Steward. This session is generally about 3.5 hours spread out over two days depending on the outcomes you and your team desire, however can be made into a longer custom session if you wish to dig deeper into the work or team specific dynamics or skills. 


IEP-Lead: An IEP Virtual Leadership Program

Join us for this 3-day virtual workshop experience learn IEP (in deeper ways than our other programs offer) as well as to work with relationship dynamics, conflict, feedback, and other tricky leadership and collaboration skills necessary for creating healthy relationships and a positively (and usefully) contagious culture.

This workshop has been designed to give you all the best of the IEP Fundamentals as well as experience the core leadership skills we’ve found most valuable in our work with organizations and business leaders.

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