IEP Stewardship

When We Show Up Together, Magic Happens

Integrate IEP into your organization, or with your clients, by becoming an IEP Steward. As an IEP Steward, you’ll guide people to Show Up more fully, collaborate more effectively, and lead. By making IEP part of your culture you’ll enhance presence and communication on an intuitive and collaborative level — supporting your team and organization in having more of the impact you desire in the world.

Our lighter touch version of Stewardship that gives you just enough to pay it forward, and doesn’t require the full Stewardship Training. Designed for the individual who wants to optimize their personal IEP, work 1:1 with clients on the IEP content, and/or share content within his/her organization, but NOT teach the IEP Fundamentals and participate in the full IEP Stewardship Training. One-time investment virtual self-paced program with optional live monthly community calls via annual membership.  

Our original IEP Stewardship Program! For individuals and practitioners working inside an organization who want to teach and coach the half-day IEP Fundamentals, and/or for independent practitioners who want to use this work privately with their 1:1 clients. IEP Stewardship Training is a robust training program which includes on-site training and practicum, learning and integration labs, Stewardship Community membership, one year of support to set you up well, and ongoing continuing education after your first year.

Our most advanced level of Stewardship! For individuals and independent practitioners who’ve completed IEP Stewardship Training and want to take the work further, deepen their practice and IEP Mastery, and work with clients outside their primary organization. This one-year extended program sets the practitioner up to take this work out into the world on a bigger scale and as part of Anese’s IEP-C Stewardship Team.  Pre-requisite: Successful completion of IEP-T. This program requires annual recertification and engagement.

Meet our IEP-Certified Stewards

Meet our newest IEP-C’s who dove in deep to embody IEP to help you take your first leap.

More Info & Go

Get an overview of IEP Stewardship from this video and download a program overview for all three levels of Stewardship.

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