IEP Stewardship: Level 1 Activator

Level 1 Activator (IEP-A)

This program fills the gap between the IEP Live! 2-day session and the IEP Stewardship Program and is designed for people who want to use the IEP tools with their clients and organizations, however do NOT want to teach the IEP Fundamentals or participate in the full IEP Stewardship training, and may prefer a more self-paced approach.

IEP-Activators take this content out into their organizations, industries, and with their clients in their own unique ways blended with their own work and personality. The program, (which comes with an IEP-Activator Guide & Toolkit) is intended to help activate IEP with clients and to bring the principles and tools more deeply within your life, team, and organization.  

This program is a virtual self-paced program. Organizations with Activators may also wish to host an IEP Live! with an internal IEP-Activator Training (1 day) or IEP-Stewardship Training (2 days) component to more deeply enhance the personal IEP and facilitation skills of the IEP Tools provided in the IEP-A Program. (Encouraged, not required. Inquire within.)

IEP-Activator Tools include:

  • (01) Setting the Space for Successful Meetings: IEP Energy Check, IEP Presence Reboot, Creating Agreements, The Wall of Awesome, The 5-Steps to Intentional Impact, The IEP & Appreciation Moment, Environmental IEP Magic
  • (02) Creating Healthy IEP from the Inside Out: IEP Essential You Work, Tolerations, Turning Complaints into Productive & Meaningful Magic, IEP Tools Quick Sheets
  • (03) Presence, Connection, & Showing Up: The IEP Magic States & Connection Line Up, The IEP Energetic Xylophone
  • (04) Relational, collaborative, and Cultural IEP:  Love Your Nemesis, the IEP Container Game, Co-Designing Healthy Partnerships & Agreements, The Cultural IEP Tool
  • (05) Support Structures & Tools: IEP Sheet, IEP Personal Assessment, IEP Cultural Assessment, IEP Integration Sheet for Teaming and 1:1 Work

IEP-Activators will:

  • Have access to shared languaging and tools designed to increase team effectiveness and optimize personal IEP when using the core IEP Tools individually or together
  • Learn easily useable and shareable frameworks for rebooting your presence in the moment, creating intentional impact, and strengthening your energetic foundation
  • Have the ability to share core IEP content with your clients, groups, or team in an organized self-paced manner so that it complements what you’re already doing
  • Be able to pay this work forward in your organization (especially handy after going through IEP Live! or one of our events and you want to know “How do I get others to do this?!”)
  • Deepen your own IEP Practice as you continue to learn how to share it with others
  • Receive access to IEP School, the Weekly Beat, discounts for live events, and IEP-A only communications
  • Have access to special organizational pricing and training with 10 IEP-Activators or more

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