Intentional Energetic Presence®

Unlock your company’s—and your own—best culture & creativity.

IEP is the methodology of my leadership and collaboration programs. It’s based upon 20 years working in the trenches with business leaders, athletes, organizations, and human beings on human performance, influence, and creating impact. It’s been used by leading innovators like IDEO, Cooper, Joie De Vivre Hospitality, Fitbit, Vistaprint, and more and in multiple industries including: design, education, law enforcement, government, hospitality, health care, tech, startups, real estate, sales, marketing, and more.

It helps people work better together, show up more fully, and create the impact they want—intentionally.

Studies have shown that up to 93% of our impact is in how we “show up”—while only 7% of our impact is in the words we actually say. People respond to who we are and how we show up. Period. With IEP, we get to be the ’cause’ of things, without it, those things can become the ‘cause’ of us.

With a few subtle shifts, IEP can allow us to completely shift our connection and influence with others and amplify our own energetic states to create positive impact without burning out. In becoming a better leader, you learn to enhance your clarity of vision, opportunities available to you, whether people listen to you, how clients react to you, your kids’ behavior, and how often you “win”.

IEP Method is a 3-part methodology, with depth and frameworks in each part, to support you in Showing Up more powerfully. At the highest level, the Method consists of 3 basic components: 1) rebooting your presence, 2) creating intentional impact, 3) building a strong IEP foundation and energetic presence.

Anese Walks You Through IEP

Free IEP Quick Start Guide

There is no better way to find out how good “good” can feel than trying it yourself. We’ve put together some resources and an IEP Quick Start Guide to get you on your way to optimal presence. It’s totally free. Seriously.

IEP Live!

IEP Live! Leadership & Influence Intensive is our two-day signature event designed to help you immerse yourself in the IEP work. With day one being all about YOU and day two being all about THEM and culture, we get a lot done. Big things happen. BIG. Come alone or come with your team, it all works. This event is offered twice a year publicly and can be brought into your organization for a private engagement. It is the pre-requisite for our IEP Stewardship Programs where you learn to teach the work yourself. And it can be taken again and again because as you change, so does the work! After all, Showing Up is never done, IEP is a practice, and freedom, authenticity, and becoming is an unfolding… 

IEP Stewardship

Because Showing Up is essential (and way more fun when we do it together), creating a positively contagious culture takes a village, and the IEP work is about authenticity, paying-it-forward, and making it work for you and your organization, we have IEP Stewardship! Our version of train-the-trainer with a bit extra heart, soul, and ongoing support to ensure you are supported in making it real, Stewardship is offered at three levels of engagement. The intention behind the design of these programs has been loving, fierce, and with your long-term sustainability, pleasure, and success in mind. Join us for a public cohort (limited to 12 or less) or book one privately for your organization or industry (requires 8 or more).

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