Intentional Energetic Presence®

Unlock your company’s—and your own—best leadership, culture, & creativity.

IEP is the methodology of our leadership and collaboration programs. It’s based upon 20 years working in the trenches with business leaders, athletes, organizations, and human beings on human performance, influence, and creating impact. It’s been used by leading innovators like IDEO, Cooper, GM Financial, Fitbit, Vistaprint, and more and in multiple industries including: design, education, law enforcement, government, hospitality, health care, tech, startups, real estate, sales, marketing, and finance.

It helps people work better together, show up more fully, and create the impact they want—intentionally.

Studies have shown that up to 93% of our impact is in how we “show up”—while only 7% of our impact is in the words we actually say. They’ve also shown that people decide within 1/10th of second if they like us, trust us, and think we’re credible. Finally, the U.S. spends up to (~)$605B/year in lost productivity (which relates to burnout, lack of presence and leadership, and how people show up). Our ability to show up authentically, to make people feel seen and cared for, to serve, and to take care of ourselves is more essential than ever.  

With IEP, we can intentionally direct our energy, presence, and actions, becoming the ’cause’ of impact — getting in front of the experience we want to create. Without IEP, we’re at the ‘effect’ of likely unintentional impact and external circumstances — often ‘reacting’ to the experience that’s been created. This we can do something about. When we own our IEP and leadership and do the work to make it what we want it to be, we create a different kind of leadership and culture.

With a few subtle shifts, IEP can allow us to completely shift our connection and influence with others and amplify our own energetic states to create positive impact without burning out. By addressing the three parts of the IEP Leadership Trifecta: Self-Care, People, and Impact, we enhance clarity and integrity, build our energetic field and resiliency, lead and influence people more effectively, attract more congruent and powerful opportunities, inspire (vs. force) people to work with us, and ultimately create more positive, sustainable, and contagious impact.

IEP Method is a 3-part methodology, with depth and frameworks in each part, to support you in Showing Up more powerfully. At the highest level, the Method consists of 3 basic components: 1) rebooting your presence, 2) creating intentional impact, 3) building a strong IEP foundation and energetic presence.

IEP Sheet

Free IEP Sheet

Alone or in groups this IEP Sheet guides you through how to truly get present and Show Up so you can be an effective leader, partner, or co-worker. We’ve put together some resources and an IEP Sheet to get you on your way to optimal presence. It’s totally free. Seriously.

Anese Walks You Through IEP

IEP Fundamentals! (V)

The IEP Fundamentals course is our half day signature event designed to help you learn and apply the fundamentals of the IEP work. We offer this course in a half or full day session format depending on the amount of depth and breadth you want to cover. At this time all sessions are done virtually for safety and ease. The IEP Fundamentals is offered through our organization publicly, a few times a year, and can be booked privately for your team/organization as well. This program can be taken again and again because as you change, so does the work! After all, Showing Up is never done, IEP is a practice, and freedom, authenticity, and becoming is an unfolding…(This program is a pre-requisite for our IEP-Activator Certification.)

IEP Activation

Because Showing Up is essential (and way more fun when we do it together), creating a positively contagious culture takes a village, and the IEP work is about authenticity, paying-it-forward, and making it work for you and your organization, we have our IEP Activation Program! Our version of train-the-trainer with a bit extra heart, soul, and ongoing support (if desired) to ensure you are supported in making it real, IEP Activation is offered at two levels of engagement (basic or certified). The intention behind the design of these programs has been loving, fierce, and with your long-term sustainability, pleasure, and success in mind. You can become an IEP-A now (L1), or join us for Certification (L2) in one of our live training programs.

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