Intentional Energetic Presence

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93% of your impact

Studies have shown that up to 93% of our impact is in how we “show up”—while only 7% of our impact is in the words we actually say. People respond to who we are and how we show up. Period. With IEP, we get to be the ’cause’ of things, without it, those things can become the ‘cause’ of us. With IEP, we are better set up to have our intended positive impact, (while still feeling good and energized), without it, we’re more likely to miss that impact, create negative impact, or burnout.

The IEP Leadership Trifecta holds that in order to lead well and sustainably we must be intune, and nourishing, our impact (the results we create), our self-care (how we sustain, nourish, and accelerate ourselves), and people (meeting them where they’re at, inspiring them, and being the kind of leader they WANT to follow vs. HAVE to). The IEP Method loves up all 3 components of the Trifecta.

IEP Heart

IEP is the methodology of my leadership and collaboration programs. It’s based upon 20 years working in the trenches with business leaders, athletes, organizations, and human beings on human performance, influence, and creating impact. It’s been used by leading innovators like IDEO, Cooper, Joie De Vivre Hospitality, Fitbit, Vistaprint, and more and in multiple industries including: design, education, law enforcement, government, hospitality, healthy care, tech, startups, real estate, sales, marketing, and more. It helps people work better together, show up more fully, and create the impact they want—intentionally.

We’ve found that while most people want to start with the “skills” and “actions” of leadership (giving feedback, communicating, leading strategy, etc.), if they can start with strengthening their IEP, their impact becomes more sustainable, inspiring, and ultimately effective and rewarding. And this is not just at work, this is at home and everywhere in between. Why? Because we take ourselves with us wherever we go and your IEP is like food coloring in water: you can’t take it out.

With a few subtle shifts, IEP can allow us to completely shift our connection and influence with others (and ourselves) while accelerating and amplifying our own energetic states in a way that helps create positive impact without burning out. It builds strength and authenticity in influence and presence. In becoming a better leader, you learn to enhance your clarity of vision, opportunities available to you, how often you “win”, how connected you are to purpose, whether people listen to you, how people believe in you, how clients react to you, your kids’ behavior, and so many other things we humans like to have impact on.

What IS the IEP Method? It’s a 3-part methodology, with depth and frameworks in each part, to support you in Showing Up more powerfully. At the highest level, the Method consists of 3 basic components: 1) rebooting your presence, 2) creating intentional impact, 3) building a strong IEP foundation and energetic presence. How? Join us. Dig in. Let’s go.

Anese Walks You Through IEP

Free IEP Quick Start Guide

There is no better way to find out how good “good” can feel than trying it yourself. We’ve put together some resources and an IEP Quick Start Guide to get you on your way to optimal presence. It’s totally free. Seriously.

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IEP Live Events: The Fundamentals & The Immersion

A great way to get your feet wet. Experience all of the energy of IEP with these foundational events. A great launchpad into all the other tools.

IEP Live: Two Day Event

The best way to experience IEP: in person! Go deep into discovering your authentic self and making your leadership presence your superpower. IEP Live! 2-day event is a prerequisite for Stewardship training.

IEP School

IEP in a pantsuit or pajamas! Upgrade your presence whenever and wherever you are.

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