IEP Fundamentals

What is the ‘IEP Fundamentals’ Session

The IEP Fundamentals is a condensed version of the 2-day event, with IEP distilled down to its core content in the simplest way possible to share and coach this content in your life and organization. This content provides an essential foundation for other models, types of coaching, and skills training that will help accelerate results (and well-being) in how people Show Up in life, leadership, and culture.

The IEP work, and the content in this session will support you in doing the following:

  • Integrating the 3 primary components of the IEP Method: The Presence Reboot, 5-Steps to Intentional Impact, and Building a strong IEP Foundation (aka working the IEP Model)
  • Creating Agreements and setting the container for meetings and conversations
  • Learning additional IEP Tools to support you on your path

So that you can enhance your ability to:

  • Show Up more effectively and powerfully for you and for those you lead and engage with, optimizing your leadership presence and influence
  • Become more of a leader people want to follow vs. have to follow
  • Create more space in your life for your life
  • Shift presence and state in the moment so you can lead more effectively
  • Make others feel seen, heard, cared for and inspired by how you Show Up.
  • Up-level your quality of relationships and relating
  • Create intentional impact that serves and creates positively contagious ripples

This session is generally 3-4 hours depending on the outcomes you and your team desire. This session is often taught by our IEP-Trained Stewards! They are awesome!