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Leadership, Resiliency, and Cultural Health Learning Labs

Learning Labs, a blend of meaningful conversation, skills building, and resiliency nourishment, are designed to  give you ongoing access to training and support in a convenient, cost-effective, and time-friendly manner. These “webinar-workshops” (all virtual and only 2 hours/month) are offered as either open enrollment (you’re with other people and companies in the session) or can be led privately for your organization (customized, oriented to your challenges, and only for your people). This program offers consistent access throughout the year in a way that is experiential, digestible, and useful — focused on time-sensitive challenges and opportunities to navigate today’s leadership and business environment.

These learning labs are designed for employees and professionals, at any level, who aspire to lead, perform, serve, team, and thrive better.

Details of this next quarter’s labs, additional topics for 2021, and  membership and enrollment options can be found below. A calendar of upcoming labs can be found here. If you are an organization that would like to sponsor more than 10 people in a lab/membership, OR host a private session for your organization only, please see our Private Learning Labs & Organizational Subscription page.

Save on Annual Memberships when you are one of the first 21 to join or when you register before 1/21/21. 

Learning Lab Topics

Self Mastery

Q1: 2021 Learning Lab schedule. Additional potential topics and sessions for the year are shared below. (Sessions are designed based upon community need, themes, and feedback.) All open enrollment sessions are from 12-2pm PST. Full descriptions of each lab are offered below. [NOTE: A recording will be provided if you are unable to attend the lab live.]

  • January 21, 2021: Leadership Resiliency: Rebooting It, Rebuilding It, and Cultivating It Now: Capture the learning from 2020, honor who you’ve become, and set your year, your thinking, and your self-care practices up right to support your leadership and resiliency in 2021.  
  • February 11, 2021: Expanding and Building Teams, Talent, Trust, and Culture in a Remote World: Work together more effectively, build connection and trust, nourish team health, assess what’s actually happening with your team and culture. 
  • March 11, 2021: The 7Ps of Personal & Organizational Burnout: Identifying, Addressing, and Reshaping Them: Learn the 7Ps of personal and organizational burnout, identify your susceptibilities, and put a plan in place to partner with, transform, or avoid all together. 

What’s included with each Learning Lab:

  • 2-hour experiential webinar workshop session with Anese
  • Fieldwork Integration Guide to provide tools for working through and applying training content
  • Follow-up tools to support integration (+ recording to be used afterwards for participants)
  • 4 weeks of the IEP Beat to support integration (52 weeks with annual membership)

Our three first Learning Labs of 2021, as well as additional topics we’ll be covering as the conversation unfolds, are listed below with details. You can find a calendar of events and our currently scheduled open labs on our calendar page here

Annual Membership:

Annual Membership includes:

  • Access to all twelve 2-hour monthly workshop/webinar Learning Labs (and recordings) at reduced rate
  • Fieldwork Integration Guide for each learning lab to integrate the tools
  • Monthly communication from Anese with thoughts/tools for integration and staying on track
  • 52 weeks of the new IEP Beat to support integration (see The Beat below)
  • 10% discount in online self-paced programs


Individual sessions and Annual Memberships: 

Organizational Membership & Private Sessions: If you have more than 10 people you’d like to enroll or subscribe in Learning Labs, OR you’d like to host one privately, please see our organizational option page here. 

Self Mastery

January 21 Learning Lab: Leadership Resiliency – Rebooting It, Rebuilding It, and Cultivating It Now

Usually, we hit a hard bump (or five), get through it, recover, build our resiliency a bit more and then move forward stronger. The magic is in the recovery time. However, our current “moment” in time is anything but “usual,” providing little resting ground for reboots, recovery, and catching our breath. While we have little control of external events, we can cultivate our resiliency, and we can intentionally move forward together. This session addresses resiliency (and the contagious nature of it), leadership nourishment, the mindset and honoring of the “real” required to get through challenging times, and creating a sustainable (and authentic) path forward together.

In this experiential 2-hour session you will on January 21st from 12-2pm PST:

  • Assess your level of resiliency, your need for a reboot, and what you need NOW
  • Explore who you became in 2020 and what resiliency muscles were created that you may not even see yet
  • Learn The 7 Ps of Personal Burnout and identify your most susceptible three
  • Learn the IEP Method® to up-level your intentions, energy, presence, and ability to “hold your space” and create intentional impact this year
  • Learn how to prioritize the essential, what can wait (or release), and how to communicate priorities, commitments, and expectations with your team/people
  • Explore your definition of, and possibly new measurements and criteria for, success
  • Create your plan to move forward and to use as a guide as you lead yourself and your team into the next…
Self Mastery

February 11 Learning Lab: Expanding and Building Teams, Talent, Trust, and Culture in a Remote World

Ever-increasing virtual connectedness and distractions, demands and responsibilities, and new challenges require leadership and a workplace culture that is collaborative, productive, inclusive, healthy, engaged, and usefully contagious. Conscious leaders and connected teams are essential to creating positive financial impact, business results, and high-performance cultures. While this can be harder working remotely, it is possible. How you navigate the challenges of today with your team and culture, will determine the impact you have and where you land tomorrow.

In the experiential 2-hour session you will:

  • Assess the current state of your team and cultural health, the financial (and trust) impact of it, and how you might personally be contributing to it
  • Learn tools, frameworks, language, and agreements to improve collaboration, open communication, navigate conflict, create safety, and nurture an inclusive sustainable healthy culture that people can count on, feel safe and seen in, and be inspired by
  • Learn the 5-Steps to Intentional Impact Framework from the IEP Method® to help you prepare individually and as a team for any meeting, conversation, or presentation
  • Decide what kind of shifts will be most useful for your team in remote work so that everyone can participate flexibly, effectively, and congruently,in their own well-being and performance management
  • Create your plan to open this discussion with your team in a way that inspires leadership and collaboration and expands team health
Self Mastery

March 11 Learning Lab: The 7Ps of Personal & Organizational Burnout: Identifying, Addressing, and Reshaping Them

In Contagious Culture I wrote about the 7Ps of organizational burnout, in Contagious You, I wrote about the 7Ps of personal burnout. Some of the Ps overlap, and since writing those books – and with the Pandemic – there are more. Burnout is the number one thing I see people dealing with right now — and it is relentless — so in this talk, we dig in. This topic is so crucial to our well-being and leadership that both accelerator cohorts (below) have burnout modules included in them so if you want to do work on this over time, please consider joining or hosting a cohort.

In the experiential 2-hour session you will:

  • Assess your current level of burnout (there are 5 levels) and create a plan to move forward authentically and realistically
  • Learn The 7Ps of Organizational and Personal Burnout AND identify your CORE FOUR susceptibilities
  • Learn the IEP Method® (all three components) to help you proactively work with burnout, transform it, or recover from it
  • Create your Personal Partnership Plan with my new exercise and formula for navigating burnout (or “getting in front of it” altogether)
  • Determine boundaries, hard stops, criteria, and communication necessary to partner with yourself more intentionally
  • Change your relationship with leadership and self-care to build resiliency and transform “busy,” burnout, and overwhelm quickly
  • Create an action plan for leadership nourishment, getting support, and discerning next steps

Additional Learning Lab topics throughout the year may include: 

  • Leadership Self-Care 101: Design a self-care practice that supports you and sets you up to thrive (your way). Identify your self-talk habits and unpack the 3 things you are likely doing to sabotage your own self-care. Work with your environment so it nourishes you (and supports working from home). And intentionally craft your relationships (and “posse”) for optimal well-being, inspiration, and support.
  • Choice Points: We are met in almost every moment with “choice points” as to how we see the world, ourselves, each other, whether we see problems or opportunities, dark or light, complaints or requests, people or objects, and more. Every moment, every thought, every action, offers a new choice. Whatever we choose determines if we “expand” or “contract,” if we become an “invitation” or “repellent,” and how much resource we’ll have available to us to decide our next best move (even in the toughest scenarios). What’s more, each “choice point” rewires our brain so we will do more of the same. In this session we will dig in, identify default choice points, and choose new ones, and strengthen helpful ones, that serve.
  • Building Leadership Trust & Congruency: Your ability to build trust with others is directly related to your own internal congruency and self-trust. Learn how to identify and honor core values and criteria for congruency while building fulfillment and credibility at the same time.
  • Creating Intentional Impact: Clean, clean, congruent, and actionable intentions are at the root of being able to create positive intentional impact. Learn how to create (and act upon) effective intentions for yourself, as a team, as an organization, for a meeting, for a project, or for your life, in order to create the best outcomes possible.
  • Managing, Navigating, and Partnering with Change: Pain and change are inevitable, suffering is optional – when you stay in conscious relationship with change and pain and identify what you need. Learn how to work with change, honor the authentic emotion of change and pain, identify unproductive stress from it, and shift accordingly for yourself and your team.
  • Virtual (and IRL) Leadership Presence: Work your presence virtually and in-person for optimal impact and connection tapping into the obvious and not-so-obvious of what happens in each domain that you may not even be aware of (yet). Learn how to set yourself up before, during, and after any meeting so that you bring an authentic, congruent, powerful presence to the experience and are best able to create trust with and serve those you’re there with.
  • Building Team Health: Creating the conditions for healthy dynamics in your relationship (personally and professionally) via clear agreements, conscious boundaries and requests, and clean EG “energetic hygiene” (EG = so you don’t project your stuff all over your team or those you love and lead) is essential to building team trust, health, and productivity — especially remotely. Learn 3 frameworks for agreements, boundaries, and clean EG that will help you create a safe container for teaming.
  • The Art of Productive Feedback: Your ability to give and receive feedback — and to be comfortable with your discomfort — is directly related to how far you will be able to lead and grow others. Explore and expand your relationship with feedback, learn a feedback model for the tangible and intangible issues we need to give feedback on, and leave the session with a plan.

And others like…

  • Addressing and Shifting the “Lowest Vibration” in the Room: Learn how to work with negative energy in your meetings (and ensure first that YOU are not the one bringing it).
  • Conflict Navigation and Relationship Design: Learn models for healthy (and productive) conflict navigation, and even better how to co-actively design your relationships before they get to conflict.
  • Accountability, Ownership, & And Having Each Other’s Back: Dig into what each of these means, how you embrace more of them for yourself, and how you set your team up to model each of them. 
  • The Science of Showing Up: Dig into what’s happening in your brain, body, and system as you make choices to show up, take care of yourself, and choose to lead.
  • The Financial & Cultural Impact of Negative Energy in Your Organization: Dig into the actual costs — financially, culturally, and ethically — of negative energy in your life, on your team, and/or in your organization. And then set your first three steps in place to tend to it (immediately following the session).
The Beat

Bonuses for Learning Lab Annual Membership Subscribers:

To support your integration, when you sign up for a single session you will receive 4 weeks of the brand new Weekly Beat. When you sign up for an annual membership, you’ll receive 52 weeks. That’s weekly “coaching in your pocket” to keep this content alive every week. Each Beat supports the content we work on each month as you navigate leadership and relationship challenges, build your resiliency, hold your space, optimize your presence and impact and how you show up, and work better with your team (remotely or in person). Beats arrive in your inbox every Tuesday coupled with 7 questions and 2-5 minutes of a mini-podcast or coaching food for thought with Anese. Note: At this time, this offering is only available to those in our Learning Labs, Leadership Cohorts, and Private Coaching Programs.

Thank you for being here! We do our best to pay this work forward in multiple ways and we can’t do it without you. Please know that 10% of our monthly profits go towards supporting food security and 10% of all proceeds go into a scholarship fund to help subsidize business leaders who’ve been significantly impacted by the pandemic and cannot afford to pay full fees in our programs. If you would like to sponsor someone in a program or know someone who can benefit from our intentions here, please let us know. Thank you for your partnership, leadership, and support.

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