Executive Advisory & Private Coaching

If you want a more intimate and customized experience, digging into your leadership and cultural needs more intensively, we can work together in a 1:1 private coaching and advisory intensive.

Private work is offered in three formats:

One-Time Executive 90-Minute Deep Dive:

This session, designed for the individual who wants or needs just a one-time session to dig in, comes with short pre-work ahead of time and can be used to:

  • strategize and coach around a specific challenge, leadership, or cultural need
  • do an overall assessment and reset on your leadership and what your next move might be
  • do an IEP assessment and create your IEP leadership and action plan
  • be used in conjunction with any of our online programs where you may want more personalized time to dig into the work you did (or are doing) on your own

Investment: $995 (Purchase direct, right here. You will receive a link to my schedule and pre-work for our session upon receipt of payment.)

IEP Leadership RESET Bundle:

This package is designed for the leader who wants to do private work in a lighter manner coupled with online programming to support their outcomes. It includes:

Investment: $4,995 (Learn more and purchase direct right here.)

IEP Executive Impact Intensive (Advisory & Coaching Immersion):

This 3-month intensive is a deep dive partnership designed to help you elevate your leadership, presence, congruency, influence, and power. With this program, you have a combination of sessions, fieldwork, curriculum, access to me in-between sessions, and basically a partner in leadership that people generally cannot access in their normal lives. This program is an investment in time, money, energy, and grit. It requires a 3-month commitment, an application, a deposit, and a hunger to do the work. We start with a 3-month foundation to ensure core areas of my executive curriculum are covered and that you’ve laid a solid foundation for yourself. After 3 months, if we decide to continue on, we’ll co-design a “graduate” level engagement to meet your needs.

Note: I talk more about the components of this program on our IEP Executive Impact Intensive page. (Note: I also do this program in “cohorts” with up to 8 leaders at the same time.) If we decide to work together privately, we’ll be blending some of the core components of the Intensive with your own personal needs and agenda.

If you are interested, please complete this Entry Point Questionnaire to get us started. We will contact you to set up a time for a 20-minute exploratory conversation and next steps. Questions? Contact us!

About Me.

My formal “about me” is here on this site. My “press page” and formal bio is right here. What’s not on those pages are my credentials, background, and why I do this work privately.

I do this work privately because I believe that 1:1 work is one of the most powerful ways to create deep and sustaining positive change, not only for YOU, but for the people you impact and your organization, family, culture, etc. One solid conscious leader can create tremendous ripple effects.

My credentials include a BS in Kinesiology (with a double in Athletic Training and Clinical Exercise), a lot of graduate work and certifications in the areas of coaching, leadership development, wellness, nutrition, intuition, energy work, relationship systems, executive coaching, health coaching, corporate coaching, assessment facilitation, physical training, and more. I’ve trained with the Arbinger Institute as both a coach and facilitator, with Co-Active Space, with CTI, as a PER-K Facilitator and Catalyst (in performance kinesiology), and others. My time in training, observation, review, etc. is thousands and thousands of hours. I’ve been named a “Top 30 Guru” in organizational culture for the last 4 years. I’ve received other awards for coaching and mentoring as well. I have a lot of letters I can put after my name, and ultimately decided years ago that I’d rather have them show up in my craft and in my results and work with people as that’s what I care most about. So I don’t post them anymore and, if they’re important to you, feel free to ask!

My background includes working in corporate health and productivity (years ago), directing programs and leading physicians and their teams in health care, building my own business from the ground up (twice), creating a methodology (IEP Method®), coaching leaders from almost every industry for the last 20 years, teaching others to teach my body of work, building organizational development and training programs, teaching thousands of people this methodology, writing many many articles for online and print publications, having my own column on Inc.com for over four years, writing (and publishing) four books (and more if you count the ones that are on ice), receiving awards for my books Contagious Culture and Contagious You, speaking on stages around the world, working in a think tank with the US Navy, training educators in the IEP Method to impact more than 30K educators and their students, doing non-profit work in the areas of food security and building kids’ confidence and safety, working with law enforcement, consulting with boards, building social media platforms, interviewing on hundreds of shows and podcasts and publications, and rebuilding a business, team, and offerings in a pandemic.

I’m a mom to two great kids who are now in high school and college, I’ve rescued a lot of dogs (I’m on my last one now), and I am relentlessly committed to my own integrity, learning, becoming, and development throughout. I’ve had great wins, great losses, I’ve loved big, I’ve had my heart broken, I’ve been married and divorced, I’ve made great business deals and “yikes!” ones, I’ve hired awesome people and fired people who I didn’t hire well, I’ve been super fit and also not, I’ve crushed goals and also been totally stuck. And I’ve created learning and found gifts in every. single. experience. All to say, I bring a lot of life experience, a lot of executive and cultural experience, a lot of industry experience, a lot of modality experience, and a lot of human experience to the table.

I lead with heart and intuition, AND I’ve learned to also back that up with strategy, action, due diligence, grit, and no BS. I’m fueled by gratitude and impact. And I hold devotion, magic, vitality, congruency, and real action as the keys to leading well, being well, and creating sustainable positive change.

Those are some “in between the lines” things about me. If you are interested in working together and we find we’re a fit and I can champion and support what you’re up to, I’d love to. Either way, I promise to bring you my best.

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