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In addition to speaking and teaching, I work privately with executives and business leaders who are responsible for leading their organization and culture, want and need to have more impact, and who’d like to do so without burning themselves out or compromising their own well-being and energetic state. Private work is highly customized to the individual and can be done as a one-off session or in partnership over time. To learn more about some of the organizations and leaders I’ve had the privilege of working with, and what they’ve shared, take a look at our clients page.

For Cultural Health Assessments, Consulting, and Private Organizational Cohorts or Training for your leadership team or workforce, please see our Organizational Solutions page or contact us directly.


Private mentoring and coaching is offered in two formats:

Option 1: Single 90-Minute Strategy Session

This session, designed for the individual who wants or needs just a one-time session* to dig in, comes with short pre-work and can be used to:

  • strategize and coach around a specific challenge, leadership, business, or cultural need
  • explore team and culture challenges that come with remote work (or in-person) and how to navigate them
  • clarify your IEP (intentions, energy, and presence) for your desired impact and create an action plan
  • focus on burnout, building resiliency, and/or doing a major reset as needed
  • prepare for an upcoming meeting, discussion, presentation, or interview
  • design a morning ritual and leadership practice that truly supports you
  • breathe and ground your space so you can hear yourself think…

Investment: $1,500 (Purchase direct, right here. You will receive a link to my schedule and pre-work for our session upon receipt of payment.)

*Please Note: The 90-Minute Strategy Session is a one-time session that is purchased directly at the link above. The conversation will be between you and I and is 100% confidential. If we find that you want or need more support, coaching, or consulting, we will move into a more formal engagement and agreement. (If your organization is sponsoring this work, we can get set up in their system after we decide to proceed forward with more work together.)

Option 2: Private Mentoring + Coaching

Offered as a 3-month intensive engagement or a 6-month immersion, this is a deep dive partnership designed to help you strengthen your IEP; “hold your space” as leader, increase your emotional intelligence, improve your communication and collaboration style, and elevate your leadership presence, congruency, influence, vitality, resiliency, and power.

For the 3-month intensive, we’ll meet 2-3 times a month (virtually, by Zoom or phone) to work on specific areas of focus that will most serve you and your leadership. The 6-month immersion is a deeper dive custom partnership which may include feedback, fieldwork, curriculum (as appropriate), regularly scheduled sessions, and access to me between. In this container I serve as a coach, partner, advisor, and sounding board in leadership and culture creation with a unique set of skills and experience that exists — outside of your normal network, team, and people in your life — in order to help you work through the hard stuff, clear blocks, strategize growth, and step into the next level (and beyond) of what you want to create through your leadership.

My agenda is YOU. (Not your organization’s, not your partner’s, YOU. The work will be between YOU and I directly.) This SERVES the container of our work together and your organization regardless your agenda which maybe optimizing your impact and vitality, creating more health and purpose in your life and role (or exiting your organization if that is not possible), navigating conflict or complex dynamics, or simply wanting to shake things up to make your organization and culture’s impact better, bolder, and even more human in the world.

This program is highly confidential (90% of the time by referral). It is an investment in time, money, energy, and grit. It requires a 3-month to 7-month commitment as a baseline, an application, hunger to do the work, and payment upfront to secure the space and my attention. Clients often continue beyond our initial engagement, some for years, as they find significant personal value in the process with a high ROI on business outcomes and results. (Once you have worked with me in a foundational program, you are eligible for “AC on Demand” which is a month-by-month retainer option.)

When you engage in this work with me you are getting twenty+ years of leadership, performance, and cultural health expertise; thousands of hours in the trenches training, learning, and working with other leaders and organizations; my time, care, intuition, and bandwidth to help you get where you want to go, and a safe space and container to explore what this all means to you.

I consider private work sacred — it is a significant commitment on both our parts — and because of this, I only work with a handful of people privately at a time. If you are interested, please complete this Entry Point Questionnaire (EPQ) to get us started (your answers will be held in confidence). If it looks like I can be helpful to you and you have the budget (time/energy/finances) to engage, we will contact you to set up a time for a 30-minute exploratory conversation and next steps. If you have questions or want to learn more about me, my credentials, and my approach, please contact us with specific questions or curiosities.

Special Option 3: Private Presence & Congruency Accelerator

For a limited time, we have reactivated the Private Leadership Presence & Congruence Accelerator for leaders who are looking for a reboot and/or want a faster and more intense engagement in a shorter period of time. The Intensive includes a launch session and some follow-up on the back end for integration which is completed within 4-7 weeks depending on needs and desired pacing. If interested, please fill out the EPQ above and note that you are interested in this option.



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