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Designed to help your leadership and workforce lead better, be better, collaborate better, and build their own sustainability and resiliency in doing so, we have a few ways we work with organizations, your leaders, and your workforce. If you want to build a high-performing, honest, and POSITIVELY contagious culture that creates real and sustainable impact — especially now — you must arm your workforce with the tools, knowledge, and experience of BEING the culture they wish to be a part of.


Cultural Health Assessment

How healthy is your culture? How are people feeling? What are your biggest challenges, the ones that aren’t being spoken to directly that may have a good part of your workforce or leadership considering other options? Or maybe you’re humming and it’s all about optimization. Let’s find out. An IEP Cultural Health Assessment (qualitative and quantitative) can be performed for your organization or your team using our proprietary methodology for getting at the root of the matter. Awareness is 70% of the battle, once we have it, we can move forward more intentionally. The process includes assessments, a debrief, and recommendations for next. Please contact us to schedule an exploratory call. 

IEP Organizational Integration Plan

We’ve created this program/toolkit to give teams and organizations a way to engage in this work in a way that is cost effective, internally driven, non-time bound, and in light partnership with Anese. There are two options depending on the level of involvement desired and budget available; both options include an IEP Launch, IEP-103 (our online program) for everyone, and internal IEP-Activator(s) support your rollout. Please contact us to learn more. 

Keynotes & Private Training + Learning Labs  

Anese can deliver a private keynote for your next conference or employee event or deliver a live experiential training or Learning Lab for your workforce. Topics are custom to your specific needs and we do have core topics that she’ll build around including the IEP Method®, showing up for (yourself) to lead your best, burnout & resiliency, leader care, and creating a healthy culture as we re-enter the new normal in our work together. Core training maybe an IEP Method® Leadership basics course (L1), and IEP Leadership & Collaboration course (L2), and/or additional Learning Labs to support your unique needs. More on our Learning Labs here, and Speaking here.

Private Consulting & Cohorts

In addition to doing private executive work with leaders, Anese is available to consult on your biggest leadership and culture challenges, often working with leadership teams in “leadership cohorts” that blend training, group work, and private work with her (and her team) to ensure a holistic approach and give your team a solid foundation to work from. These programs are highly customized and require an assessment period to ensure optimal results. Please contact us for more information. 

Executive/Organizational Book Club

Designed to help your leadership and employees lead better, be better, collaborate better, and build their own sustainability and resiliency in doing so, this book club has been created as a collaborative experience to be delivered to your workforce by your leadership and Anese. Designed for deep dives into Anese’s books, CONTAGIOUS CULTURE and CONTAGIOUS YOU, in a way that makes the content REAL, applicable, and compelling. Learn more here about the book club here.

Self-Study Solutions for Your Team

We have several self-study programs that can be done individually or with teams to learn the IEP Method, do a RESET, up-level virtual presence and teaming, and more. You can learn more about our self-study programs here. For team and organizational rates, please contact us with the number of programs you’d like and when you’d like to kick off.

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