What is your Energetic Presence?
Is it helping you create the impact you want in your organization and life?
Is it helping you create the culture – and future – you desire?

Join me and learn how to take your leadership, presence, and ability to collaborate and influence to a whole new level.

In this experiential 2-day session you will learn how to:

  • Use and integrate the IEP Method into your everyday life building a strong energetic presence that will support you in all you do
  • Be in “productive relationship” with healthy accountability and ownership becoming the cause of your energy, presence, and impact vs. the effect of your energy, presence, and impact
  • Become a better collaborator and communicator with those you lead and love
  • Be at choice around how you show up, how you choose language that serves, and how your author your story (effectively) — or not
  • Optimize your leadership presence and influence both in 1:1, group, and front of the room engagements
  • Navigate and partner with “busy”, “overwhelm”, and simple “discombobulation” (even eliminating them if you so choose)
  • Create healthy agreements, give and receive productive feedback, navigate conflict, create alignment, and intentionally design the impact you want to have

So you can:

  • Be a solid collaborator that gets better results through accessing untapped creativity and energy, while evoking the best in others
  • Be a leader people want to follow vs. have to follow, leading and inspiring your teams via inspiration, heart and abundance, vs. viaobligation, fear, and scarcity
  • Become a more powerful influencer, and get the most out of your team, by being a positive (not negative) “contagion” and force in your life and organization
  • Cultivate leaders and a culture that magnetically attracts, retains, inspires, and champions top talent to become even better (as well as gracefully, effectively, and humanly address talent that’s not working out as well)
  • Create your life, impact, and relationships — by intention, presence, and design — in a way that feels aligned and congruent for YOU, and…
  • Set yourself up for success to BE and BRING the best version of YOU to the table everyday (at work, at home, on the road, and everywhere in between)
  • Feel good while doing all of this

Spend two days with me to dive in deep, get this work into your body, integrate it into your business and life.

Explore how it it impacts your:

  • Leadership and Teamwork. In influencing and creating great results with your team, building collaboration abilities, increasing resiliency, navigating conflict, and getting people to follow you because they WANT to, not HAVE to.
  • Client Relationships. In how clients respond to you – and continue to work with you (or not) – as a leader/service provider/trusted advisor. (This work has big impact on personal relationships too!)
  • Culture.In how its effecting energy, productivity, trust, innovation, and the attractiveness level of your company as a “great place to work” (or not).
  • Your Life. In feeling amazing so you can do all you’re here to do and enjoy yourself, your life, and family in the process…

On Day 1, Self-Leadership, you will:

The agenda for days 1 and 2 may shift slightly depending on the nature and needs of the group and what shows up, however these are the areas we generally focus on during the 2 day event.

  • Learn the IEP Method
  • Complete an IEP Individual and Cultural Assessment to identify the gaps in your own IEP and how they’re impacting your leadership, your culture, your business results, and your life.
  • Learn and embody the basic Tenets of IEP and dive into the 4 core quadrants so that you can “get in front of it” and integrate in real time.
  • Identify the gaps in your leadership, relationships, and internal satisfaction that are being impacted by IEP (and how you’re contributing positively or negatively to them).
  • Learn how to adjust your energy and presence instantaneously, so that you can tap into deeper wisdom and intuition, address what’s happening in the moment, create impact independent of your external environment, and intentionally influence others – no matter the circumstances.
  • Work with your body and presence from the inside out so that you can create more intentional impact and feel good doing it.
  • Learn tools, practices and strategies for building a strong IEP “bank” that will allow you to navigate “busy”, “overwhelm”, and “discombobulation” more effectively setting a proactive vs. reactive tone.
  • Unlock access to greater creativity, purpose, intuition, empathy, and intention. (The person with the strongest intention and purpose “wins” – BE that person.)
  • Shift your state and presence AUTHENTICALLY in a way that will get you the best (and most real) results.
  • Make decisions that are currently hindering you (you likely don’t even know what these are yet), and that will change the course of your life in the way you relate, create impact, and experience internal peace.
  • Up-level your presence and start your own personalized IEP Plan that addresses “The Essential You” and all 4 quadrants of IEP. (You will live into this plan for the 2 days we’re together and adjust it before we leave.)

On Day 2, Leadership & Influence, you will:

  • Experience a new kind of “DAY 2” in the IEP work! Get ready to play, move, and do some good new stuff in the land of IEP!
  • Up-level presence even more as we move into day 2 and the game gets bigger, moving beyond YOU and into teams, relationships, and collaboration. (Get ready to get your presence game ON.)
  • Identify the gaps in your business results and culture that are being impacted by IEP and how you’re contributing positively or negatively to them.
  • Learn how to design agreements with your team (and partner, family, relationships) that will support your best relationships, productivity, and results – AND support them in their own IEP. (This is key!)
  • Learn how to resolve “unspoken conflict” or tension via IEP and complimentary skills.
  • Learn how to build a strong foundation for IEP proactively as a team so IEP becomes second nature, infecting those around you, and serving the culture you want to create and foster.
  • Learn how to make your meetings as powerful, effective, and efficient as possible. (Anyone up for cutting their meetings in half?)
  • Create an IEP Cultural Integration Plan with your team (if you’ve brought your team, or for your team if you’re coming solo). If you don’t have a team — these principles still apply to YOU and any system you’re a part of.
  • Learn and leverage best practices and “watch outs” for cultural health and positive team dynamics.
  • Learn how to change the course of a conversation, meeting, or situation intentionally – with little effort.
  • Evaluate and address how you are doing with attracting, retaining, inspiring, and championing top talent to become even better AND dig into gracefully, effectively, and humanly addressing talent and team that’s not humming as well.
  • Delight in the “contagion” factor as people you work with become easier to work with just by the way YOU show up.
  • Be prepared to step into Stewardship if you would like to take this work deeper, further, and broader!

Let’s do this!

All of our IEP Live! events are highly experiential, featuring awesome people (you’re one of them), great food (clean and delicious!!), awesome coffee and tea (we fuel you right!), good chocolate (always!), new friends and colleagues, and tons of goodies to support your internal and external IEP on both days. And we have goodies, serious goodies. Everyone loves these goodies. But you can only get them by attending the live events. Oh. So. Good.

Next Session: 2020

Special team fare! Bring 4 people from your team for the 2-Day Immersion and receive 20% off each ticket. (Code at checkout: TEAM). Note: the tickets must be ordered all at once in order to redeem TEAM code. Please put your teammates names and emails in comments section when registering.

Want to stay a few extra days and dig in even deeper? Join us for Stewardship! We have an IEP Stewardship Program for organizations who want to integrate this content more intensively into their teams and culture as well as for coaches, practitioners, and facilitators who want to use this content with their clients, patients, and those they serve.

Stewardship is our version of train-the-trainer with a bit extra love, support, and magic built in.

The Stewardship Training Program occurs after the IEP Live! Session (you must attend both days of IEP Live! beforehand to participate in Stewardship Training). For those who want to become IEP-Trained or IEP-Certified Stewards, this week of training will be the core activity (with some follow up support throughout the year). Stewardship is by application only, you must review the content, complete a short application, and schedule an exploratory call with us to ensure all is lovely, that we’re all a good fit, and that you and your organization/clients will be served beautifully by this program.

Note: At this time this program is only available privately to organizations who wish to train 10 or more IEP Stewards for integration.

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