IEP Executive Impact Intensive

What is your Intention? How are you managing your Energy? What is your Presence?
Are these things helping you create the impact you want in your organization and life?
Are they helping you create a culture of innovation, leadership, collaboration, and results? Are they helping you LEAD? Where are you getting in your own way? 

Designed specifically for senior and executive leaders to do the deep work required of leadership today. My name is Anese Cavanaugh, I’ve worked with leaders and organizations in performance, leadership, and culture creation for over twenty years. I’ve created frameworks and methodologies. I’ve been a stand for leadership self-care (forever). And I’ve written books. At this point in my career, and with the state of the world, I am more energized and fully committed than ever to go deep, create significantly meaningful impact, and help leaders (who choose to) to lead, innovate, create more leaders, and thrive at the top of their games. What I’ve learned over twenty years is that the first thing we need to do is to cut all the noise, all the distractions, all the story, and all the deferment that keeps one from telling oneself the truth, leading on their cutting edge, doing their best work, and prioritizing the things that create TRUE impact AND joy. This starts with intentional work. Hence this intensive. This intensive can be done privately with me 1:1 or in a cohort with a group of up to 8 leaders. (Next cohort will be in 2021. Private work can start now. Both require applications.)

This program IS:

  • A blend of my expertise, experience, training, methodology, and best practices that come from an extensive background of working with leaders and their organizations for over twenty years, and working with humans, athletes, and performers for longer than that.
  • A blend of group work, curriculum, and 1:1 coaching.
  • Not like anything you’ve done before.
  • A microcosm of the rest of your life and leadership — what shows up here, likely shows up out there. This is a safe training ground for real-time learning, leadership, and accountability.
  • Customized to fit you, your group, and the unique needs and blend of all of you together.
  • By application to ensure the right fit and cohort.
  • Devoted to your success, your truth, and your most authentic powerful leadership.
  • Comprehensive, holistic, and honest.

This program is NOT:

  • A quick fix, a “flavor of the day training /engagement,” traditional, or something you check off your list for completing.
  • Cookie cutter content or one size fits all programming and coaching.
  • For people who are not serious about their growth, impact, and authorship of their life and experience.
  • For people who don’t want to do the work, can’t make the time for it, won’t show up on time, or won’t honor the other participants.
  • Messing around. I hold my energy and time and commitment to you as serious and sacred, I ask you to do the same for yourself and also for me.

The Group Program includes a kick-off with your cohort, 1:1 work throughout, fieldwork, 3 virtual group sessions (3 hours each over 3 months), and curriculum to go deep, get this work into your body, and integrate it into your business and life. (The Private Program is a custom plan to meet your specific needs and schedule.) 

Exec Impact

What we work on in this program:

  1. Personal “Inside/Out” Leadership Work. Strengthening YOU as leader, your relationship with yourself, your congruency criteria, values and beliefs exploration and alignment, authorship of your experience, clarifying your intentions and purpose, navigating “imposter syndrome,” asking for help, and changing your relationship with “failure” and “success” in the ways you may not realize it’s holding you back.
  2. Energetic Hygiene, Presence Work, and Leadership Self-Care. Bringing “clean energy” and intentions to those you lead, cultivating an honest leadership presence that “invites” vs. forces or repels, holding your space powerfully, creating a self-care practice (this is not just about “bubble baths” and “workouts”), self-care agreements, and a new relationship with self-care and energetic hygiene as non-negotiable leadership skills.
  3. Relational Work. Clearing negative energy and dynamics in relationships, co-designing healthy relationships and systems, navigating conflict, transforming relationships, loving (and learning from) your “nemesis” and the intimidating or “difficult” people in your life, and creating clean agreements.
  4. Leadership Skills Work. Core leadership skills required for effective communication, creating safe space, growing other leaders, and creating results. These may include feedback (giving and receiving), enrolling (vs. empowering or persuading), reframing and language, accurate reporting and accountability practices, creating intentional impact, intention clarification, servant leadership, and conversation/meeting design.
  5. Creativity and Innovation. If we do Bullets #1-4+7 right, this gets taken care of because now you’re showing up in a way, and creating space and systems for others, that inspires people to lean in and give you their best.
  6. Culture. Again, with Bullets #1-5+7 humming and in process (process, presence, NOT perfection), you will organically and intentionally create a healthier positively contagious culture. We’ll do some formal work here too in terms of systems and cultural health and game plans, AND your leadership presence and Bullets #1-6 are the most important things you can bring to create your culture authentically and in a way that will be trusted.)  
  7. Your Life. None of this matters if your well-being and personal life are abandoned. So we’ll dig into your life as well. Nothing is off limits in ensuring that you sustain your energy, experience true vitality and peace (as you design for it), and create safety, security, and trust in your own world (relational, financial, health, etc.), so you can bring your whole authentic honest powerful truth-telling secure and clear self to your leadership.

PRIVATE: IEP Executive Intensive Program with Anese (Open Schedule, 3-Month Program):

This program is private, customized to you, and can be scheduled to start when you wish. I use a blend of private sessions, coaching, curriculum, consulting, advisory, business and life experience, and different coaching and performance optimization modalities to meet you wherever you are and help you create the outcomes you want. This is an intimate partnership that requires full commitment — energetically and logistically — on both our parts. We work together in 3-month containers, however if you know (in advance) that you want to work together for longer or have me on retainer as a thinking partner/coach, we can do that (if it feels right).

The process and components are as follows:

  • Complete Application, meet with me to determine fit and that this is the best path for you. If yes! Next…
  • Deposit, set dates for kick-off and frame of work, receive launch pre-work with access to core curriculum (TBD based upon your initial discussion and application in order to prepare for our launch session).
  • Private launch session (two hours) to lay the foundation, set outcomes, dig into core work.
  • A 90-minute deep dive (for content, curriculum, BIG items/agendas) and (up to) two 50-minute sessions each month to work together. (Month #1 is the two-hour launch, so no 90.)
  • Access to me in between sessions via text/email/phone for quick troubleshooting, 911 issues, etc.
  • At the end of our 3 months together, we either extend another 3 to continue our work, go month-to-month, put you in another program, or complete!

I consider private work a sacred container in which you and I must both show up. It is customized 100% to YOU (so the areas mentioned above will be set to address whatever your specific needs are), and it can start at anytime. We have great flexibility. I work with a handful of people at a time privately to ensure availability, ease, and optimal energy. If you are interested in this program, please complete this Entry Point Questionnaire to get us started. We will contact you to set up a time for a 20-minute exploratory conversation and next steps.


LEADERSHIP COHORT: IEP Executive Intensive Program with “8” (Next Cohort, 2021, 3 Months).

We do this work in a “cohort” and in community with a small group of leaders (who are all in the session by application to ensure fit). This program is virtual and uses a blend of private work, group work, and formal curriculum sessions to create our impact together. The sessions are confidential (all members sign agreements of confidentiality and conduct), comprehensive, and provide a level of learning and experience that is unique to when people get together to up-level their consciousness, leadership, impact, and their relationships with themselves in a safe and honest space. Our plan is to do these 1-2 times a year (and/or as we have the right people for the right cohorts).

The process and components are as follows:

  • Complete Application, meet with me to determine fit and that this is the best path for you. If yes! Next…
  • Deposit, then you receive program pre-work with access to core curriculum.
  • We’ll do a private 1:1 launch session before the cohort begins (75 minutes) to lay your foundation, get to know each other more, and ensure your intentions and outcomes are blended into the cohort section content.
  • Month 1 (1st half): Cohort kick-off session (90 minutes) to meet, lay foundation, set intentions, and create agreements as a team.
  • Months 1 (2nd half), 2, and 3: Cohort session (3 hours each — virtual) where we work together doing a deep dive into content, curriculum, group work, spot coaching, and more as best serves the group.
  • Month 3 (end of month) Cohort Completion Session (90 minutes) to close out the cohort, complete as a group, and determine your next steps.
  • In addition to group sessions and your initial kick-off session, you will have access to three 50-minute private sessions with me to be used as you need them throughout your program. This time can be used for 1:1 with me or in having me review something you’re working on, correspondence, designing a meeting, working your IEP and self-care plan, etc.
  • At the end of our 3 months together, you’ll have the option to continue with me privately, move into another program, or complete!

Leadership development is sacred work when done for real. And the cohort is a sacred container in which you, your peers, and I must all show up fully. I use the content from your pre-work and the 1:1 kick-off to design the exact curriculum that will go into your cohort. This is work that I invite you to step into IF you’re willing and hungry to do good work, to hold space for your colleagues in theirs, and to fully commit to leaning in with me as we move through. I love doing this work this way, it’s special. If you are interested in this program, please complete this Entry Point Questionnaire to get us started and indicate your interest in the COHORT Program. We will contact you to set up a time for a 20-minute exploratory conversation and next steps (which may include the formal application process for cohort placement this Fall.)

Anese teaching

Let’s do this!

The Private Program is open for application at any time, if this is of interest, please follow the instructions above and fill out the EPQ (button below). If you’d like to learn more about private work and the three options, please see my private work page here.

Investment Options: 

Due to the custom nature and intensity, our private work is a larger financial investment than cohort work, please inquire. Thank you! 

The Cohort Program is intended to launch in 2021 as long as we have the right people for it (I’m taking up to 8, minimum of 4 in that program), so if you are interested, I’d love it if you’d sign up here so we get you on our special communication list for this program and ensure you know as soon as applications are being accepted, etc.

Investment Options: 

$9,500/person ($5,000 deposit, balance due two weeks before the launch.) (Pay in full upfront, save 10%.)

Not ready to engage in this level of intensity yet? Great! Thank you for visiting! I’d love to see you in one of these programs IF this work and this level of engagement feels right for you. AND… If this is beyond your interest, budget, or is more intense than you’d like right now, I encourage you to join us for a live virtual event, participate in one of our online self-paced programs, read one of my books, or just stay in touch so we can continue to do the good work of leadership and self-care together. In the meantime, be well and lead well!

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