Partnership & Collaboration

Interested? There are several ways to play.

The first intention is creating the impact you want, and most truly need. How we get there may be through one, or a combination of, the offerings depending on the intended impact, outcomes, and the size of your group, team, or organization.

We work with people in a number of ways:

Private Work with Anese — In addition to her work as an advisor to organizational leadership teams, Anese also works privately with up to 4 business leaders a year in a more personalized and intimate engagement to create stronger leadership and presence, sustainable change, and ultimately ripple effects in every system the leader touches. This program is by application only and lasts 3 or 7 months. Next spots for private clients open Q3 of 2019. If you’re interested, please contact us directly.

IEP Live! Leadership Presence & Influence Intensives — This is our 2-day “signature” event that covers the fundamentals of personal, collaborative, and cultural IEP. This 2-day event is a combination of experiential training, lecture/sharing, in-the-moment integration, and front-of-the-room work. You can attend (and bring some of your people) to one of our open enrollment events, or host Anese privately for an internal session customized to your group’s needs.

IEP Integration Initiative — A more comprehensive engagement with Anese and the IEP Method that may involve a series of launches, IEP Live! sessions, online programming, stewardship, and advisory work as will best serve your organization. This is for the company and team of leaders who wish to integrate this work into their organization holistically, not just as a one-time engagement, but rather taking an ongoing multi-faceted approach to creating a more sustainable, expansive, and positively contagious culture. To get started, tell us a bit about yourself. 

IEP Fundamentals Sessions — These 1/2-day sessions are for organizations and teams who want “just the basics” of IEP for their group. The half-day session is intended to give your group shared language, principles, and awareness for better leadership, presence, and collaboration. We highly recommend the full 2-day session for deeper personal experience and practice, integration, and impact, AND we know that some days you only have 4 hours. (We also know we can do a lot with 4 hours!)

IEP Stewardship Training — Our version of “train-the-trainer” with a bit extra heart, soul, and collaboration along the way to help you integrate the IEP Tools into your organization in a way that is internally driven and culturally resonant. Stewardship has three levels ranging from a 100% self-paced online training program and resource kits to comprehensive hands-on training that enables you to lead the IEP Fundamentals inside your organization. We take a very holistic approach to integrate this work in a way that will set you up for success.

IEP School, Books, Online Programs and More — We’re committed to getting this work to you in many different ways. If live engagement is not for you, you can access any of our tools and products in our store. Please get in touch with questions and/or to access any pertinent information or applications necessary to support our work together. We look forward to serving you in whatever way honors and serves most!

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