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Hello! I’m Anese! My team and I are very happy to have you here. I spend my energy leading this content by writing about it, speaking and teaching, training others to lead it, working with people privately, and from time-to-time consulting with organizations on their cultural health. I’m devoted to helping people optimize their leadership impact while building their personal and organizational vitality. With over twenty years working with humans and businesses, and a unique blend of skills and expertise, I created the IEP Method® to help people strengthen their impact and feel good doing so. I’m deeply grateful to say it works and I hope you’ll find great meaning in this body of work for yourself as well.

With free online tools, articlesinterviewsbooks, and self-study programs you can participate at your own pace and convenience. And if you’d like to engage live and more intimately, please join me for one of our live offerings. All to say, whatever your appetite and budget, if you want IEP, it’s here for you. Below are common paths for engagement.

Self-Study Programs & Written Resources

My books are a great way to get to know this work, me, and to give yourself and your team extra resources to dig into at your own pace and make it all real. Our online self-study programs like RESET, Virtual Presence, IEP School, the IEP Fundamentals (online!), and the IEP-Activator Toolkit are especially geared to help you integrate this work in your own way during this time. *Photo Credit: Wendy Yalom

Speaking & Training 

Live events (virtual or in person) are where things come to life and this work gets integrated quickly, congruently, and over time. My events are unique, experiential, immediately applicable, and offer follow up tools and resources for deeper and more sustainable integration long after I’m gone. Core events can be anywhere from a 20-minute talk to a 3-day experience and can be paired with books, self-study programs, and follow up training to support your people and meet your goals. Photo Credit: Margot Duane

Mentoring, Coaching & Consulting

If you want a more intimate, personal, and customized experience, we can work together via a private mentoring, coaching, or consulting engagement. Private work is with me personally and is custom and confidential. My areas of expertise are in leadership and leadership presence, organizational health, burnout and resiliency, leader-care, cultural sustainability and optimization, relationship strategy, change management, and of course, IEP. Private work is an immersive experience which is a partnership over time. Culture consulting can be done on a case-by-case basis to address a specific issue in your organization. *Photo Credit: Margot Duane

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