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There are lots of ways for us to engage: from speaking at your next conference or event to visiting your organization for a private IEP program experience to you visiting me for one of our bi-annual IEP Lives! to having a conversation with you on pages in one of my books, or having a convo with you live as an advisor… Many ways to play. What’s your fancy?

Live Events & Conversations

Live events are where things come to life and this work gets integrated quickly. Whether I’m in the room with you leading a private event for your company, having a private conversation with you for your leadership and culture, or you’re attending one of my events, we dig in. Events may include a combination of private work, training, Stewardship, and even online programs to help you take the work even further after I leave. Want to make IEP real in your organization? Let’s explore. *Photo Credit: Margot Duane


Mass impact, intimate tone has been one of my mantras since I started speaking years ago. I love being WITH you and your people to talk IEP, leadership, presence, culture, life, and Showing Up. I have several core talks that can be customized to fit the unique needs of your audience as well as paired with the perfect book. Conference? Team meeting? Organizational event and you want someone to open, close, or dig in deep and love up your audience in between? Let’s talk. *Photo Credit: Margot Duane


With several books under my belt and another on the way later this year (CONTAGIOUS YOU!), we can have a conversation without ever even meeting. I love speaking with you on the page. My books are a great way to get to know this work, me, and give yourself and your team extra magic to dig into at your own pace and make it all real. All books have talks that go beautifully with them. And we also have online programs that pair nicely (like a great glass of wine or whiskey). Just ask! *Photo Credit: Wendy Yalom

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