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Clients say I: build creative leaders, make people better, and get people having honest conversations.

I’m driven by helping people design businesses and lives they love, and that make a positive impact in the world.

Hi! Thanks for visiting! You can get my formal bio and all that jazz sprinkled throughout this site. In the meantime, a bit about me, from ME, to YOU.

I am Anese. I’m also an entrepreneur, an author, the creator of the IEP Method® (Intentional Energetic Presence®), a leadership and collaboration advisor, an impact strategist, and a thinking partner for business leaders in many different industries. Going for full range very rich living, I’m also a mom, a dog rescuer, a sister, daughter, friend, and an advocate for children’s food and spirit security. I love people. I love the human spirit. I love purpose. And I love what happens when we all Show Up together.

I founded this business and this body of work 20 years ago because I saw the essentialness of Showing Up, being present and intentional, and taking care of ourselves in relationship to healthy leadership and creating positive impact in the world. Seeing the effects of this work on others, and experiencing it for myself, created an insatiable hunger and drive for paying-it-forward even further.

The people who come to me and our programs come because they either: 1) want to have more impact, 2) want more “space” and clarity for themselves, 3) want to Show Up even better to create solid relationships, businesses, results, and whatever else is meaningful to them, or 4) all of the above. (Usually, it’s all of the above.)

I work with people privately, lead sessions out in the world and inside organizations, and consult with leadership teams on culture, accountability, and leadership hygiene. I speak, I write, I advise and coach, and more recently I’ve begun to train others to Steward the IEP Methodology in their own organizations and with their own clients.

I believe that optimizing leadership and presence is low hanging fruit in the world of impact; that being in integrity with ourselves and at choice as “author” of our lives are two of the greatest superpowers we have; and that being intentional and accountable for Showing Up and creating magic in our world (yes, magic, I believe in magic) is how magic and good stuff happens.

I can be found around on podcasts, in columns, and on stages. And of course out on pixels in social media (see my handles above). Please say hi!

For media boilerplates, headshots, and other handy information head over to the press kit. For tools, free info, and notes from me, sign up here. In the meantime, thank you for visiting, enjoy the site, and I hope to meet you one day.

*Photo credits for site (unless otherwise noted), Wendy Yalom. Site magic by Jef Lear, Telegraf.

My mission in life has been to create joy and purpose in all of my business endeavors. Anese is any company’s secret weapon for achieving profound, permanent results from the inside out. Her talk was so popular that months later my fellow executives are still talking about it. Her work is transformative and she does it with heart.

Chip Conley

Founder, Joie De Vivre

You can’t deny the unparalleled level of energy that Anese brings into (and out of) the organizations she works with. The energy of leadership dramatically affects a company top to bottom and she’s figured out how to set up an entire staff to be completely present, engaged and contributing at the highest levels.

Paul Spiegelman

Chief Culture Officer / Founder / Co-Author, Stericycle / BerylHealth / NYT Best Seller Patients Come Second

Anese is an incredible side-by-side collaborator. She helps us focus on what’s most important to us—our people. We consider her a core part of our talent strategy, looking forward to each next step together.

Duane Bray

Partner & Head of Global Talent, IDEO

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